2019 Holiday Guide

November 13, 2019 · Ask Matchcraft

It is hard to believe but the holidays are just around the corner. With Thanksgiving falling later in November than usual, retailers have the added challenge of a shortened window between Black Friday and Christmas. It is no surprise that digital marketing goes into hyper drive leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As retailers compete for digital sales, it is critical that paid search campaigns are fully optimized to entice holiday shoppers. 

As we gear up for holiday shopping (and selling) the Client Engagement team put together our top ten optimization recommendations to get your campaigns Holiday Ready!


#10. AD EXTENSIONS. Don’t underestimate the value of Ad Extensions. The addition of content to your ad by using ad extensions give your ad greater prominence on the page and provides potential customers with valuable information about your business. Make sure to include holiday specific messaging in your sitelinks, descriptions, callouts, structured snippets and message extensions.


#9. CATEGORIES. Add a new category to a campaign that contains holiday specific messaging. Now is also a great time to add competitor and brand categories to your campaigns.


#8. AD COPY. Create New Ad Copy. Including relevant information about holiday offers and products is a great way to optimize the performance of lower performing ads.


#7. KEYWORDS. Expand your keywords to include terms specific to holiday offerings. The Search Query Report and the newly released Interesting Query Words are both great places to start when identifying potential keywords.


#6. SEGMENT and CAMPAIGN CLONING. The holidays are a great time to use the campaign and segment cloning features in adVantage. You can quickly clone a campaign or segment, then add in your promotional language. It saves you time by not having to start from scratch and your promotional campaign can be switched on and off as with the seasons.


#5. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. We’ve already mentioned the addition of Ad Extensions, but we can’t stress enough the value of Location Extensions. Location Extensions are especially important for businesses looking to increase foot traffic and provide additional appeal to shoppers who prefer a hands-on approach to retail.


#4. CALL EXTENSIONS. Similar to location extension, there remains a significant portion of the shopper segment who prefer to transact business in person. Providing easily identifiable calling information will make it easier for those shoppers to reach out to you in person.


#3. BIDDING. Consider increasing device specific bids for mobile devices. Busy shoppers will be glued to their mobile devices and competition for mobile traffic will be fierce. It is also not a bad idea to increase your bid caps overall as the holiday season is more competitive in general.


#2. LANDING PAGES. Make sure your landing page is optimized for holiday traffic by including verbiage on holiday specials and offers. Don’t forget to pay attention to your mobile load times too, pages that don’t load quickly on mobile devices will be abandoned faster than grandma’s fruitcake.


And our top recommendation….

#1. ANALYTICS. The importance of data from Google Analytics becomes even more apparent as holiday sales increase competition. AdVantage’s Conversion-Based Optimization algorithms rely on Analytics data to ensure your campaigns deliver maximum return. Now is also a great time to make sure that your campaigns are linked to Google Analytics and are taking full advantage of our latest integration with Enhanced Analytics.


Happy Optimizing from the Team at MatchCraft


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