The Results

47% increase in click-through rates, lower cost per acquisition

MatchCraft provides technology and services for companies that sell search marketing to local merchants around the world.

Operating in more than 19 countries, MatchCraft offers solutions such as its AdVantage platform, which automates campaign management for any size budget. The company’s experienced account managers, campaign managers and digital trainers also deliver comprehensive service to its clients, which include publishers and interactive agencies.

MatchCraft integrates its technology with Bing Ads to deliver results for both its clients and their merchants. “Bing Ads is extremely important to our business,” says Austin Luther, director of marketing at MatchCraft. “We often see a better cost per acquisition with Bing Ads than with other channels because of the high-quality clicks, comparable click-through rates and lower cost per click. Everything that I have seen with Bing Ads points to more leads for merchants.”

47% Increase In Click-Through Rates

As part of the company’s ongoing effort to offer valuable tools and features to its clients, MatchCraft integrated Bing Ads Sitelink Extensions into its AdVantage platform. Sitelink Extensions are extra links in search ads that go to specific pages on an advertiser’s website and can attract more clicks.

“Sitelink Extensions provide the searcher with the option to click on something more relevant than what they actually searched for,” says Priscilla Soriano, director of campaign management at MatchCraft. “It’s also more real estate on the page and a more attractive ad when you use Sitelink Extensions.”

Sitelink Extensions went live at the end of May 2014 for more than 3,000 accounts served by MatchCraft clients. By mid-September 2014, one MatchCraft client saw a 47% increase in average click-through rates across 1,400 accounts.

More Options For Searchers, More Revenue For Merchants

To help other clients and their merchants see such benefits, MatchCraft is promoting the use of Sitelink Extensions through its services. MatchCraft’s campaign management team has added Sitelink Extensions to accounts for several thousand merchants that are part of the company’s full-service model. “We’ve looked at each individual merchant site and picked out the best Sitelink Extensions to use,” Soriano says. “We’re responsible for performance for those merchants, so we’ve taken proactive steps to help improve campaign performance by adding Sitelink Extensions.”

MatchCraft is also building an e-learning portal that will offer courses on its solutions and best practices, including the value of using Sitelink Extensions.

That’s a win for searchers, merchants and MatchCraft.


  • The Yahoo Bing Network has about 149 unique searches
  • Searches on the YBN spend 32% more online then average Internet searcher and 6.8% more then Google searchers
  • YBN reaches 5.2 billion monthly searches and make up 29% of the search market
  • U.S. advertisers serving ads with Sitelink Extensions on Bing Ads have seen an average increase of nearly 16% in their click-through rates with a slight decrease in their cost per click
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