Planeta Serviços Digitais — a massive digital marketing company for small to medium enterprises (SME’s) in Brazil–believe it is imperative that business owners in Brazil have a guaranteed presence on the Internet at all times. One of the most effective ways of reaching customers is through the use of digital marketing campaigns. Running search, display and social campaigns not only increases a brands overall presence throughout the Internet, but can put the products and services a company specializes in, one click away from their targeted customer.

Identifying Growth Opportunities

Their clients are typically weary when it comes to launching a new digital marketing campaign, starting with budgets between $250 and $500. But, with their continued success and impressive track record, these budgets will often increase by at least 40%, and in some instances tripling due to excellent performance. Despite these accomplishments, they were running out of bandwidth, and time to manage thousands of campaigns in an efficient manner. So, they identified a solution in MatchCraft’s AdVantage platform to optimize, manage and most importantly, scale these efforts moving forward.

Changing Directions

Planeta Serviços Digitais, the first Google SME Premium partner in Brazil– manages well over a thousand digital marketing campaigns for small and medium enterprises,” says Claudio Souza, the company’s General Director. “Our goal is to continue to develop the best solution for our clients and make digital marketing more tangible to additional business verticals, regardless the size of their business.”

According to Souza, Planeta will continue to provide innovative digital solutions using the AdVantage platform for all Brazillian clients: “We have a great deal of expertise when it comes to digital. This partnership with MatchCraft underlines our commitment to small and medium sized businesses in Brazil by providing credible, customized solutions, that above all, help to improve ROI for our clients.” “The new partnership allowed us to better optimize the time spent by our analysts,” says Digital Marketing Team Leader Bruno Baldo. “We could also develop the expenditure and performance of the hundreds of accounts we have and provide new experiences with call tracking and reverse proxy software.”

All or Nothing

The Planeta team was anxious to launch the partnership with MatchCraft. In preparation, they registered and created campaigns before training for the new system and migrated their accounts. The outcome was astonishing, and “we observed more, and higher quality clicks from the offset” says Sicherl.


• Planeta Digital was founded 35 years ago and is part of Grupo Estado, the largest local media group in Brazil.
• Provides cost-effective digital solutions to small, medium and large businesses
• First Brazilian Google AdWords Premier Partner

“With MatchCraft we are able to drive more business and higher quality campaigns with less investment.”

Paulo Sicherl

Digital Marketing Coordinator
Planeta Serviços Digitais

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