Advantage Remarketing

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AdVantage Remarketing gives advertisers the opportunity to connect with their website visitors as they continue to travel around the internet. Remarketing display and search remarketing ads reach users who have already shown interest in the advertiser’s business, reminding them of the advertiser’s products and services, extending special offers, and increasing the likelihood of a conversion. Our “tagless”* remarketing solution simplifies the technological requirements for advertisers, making it easy for local business to use this highly effective advertising method.



Campaigns fully integrate into the same AdVantage platform used to manage search campaigns.



Users who see Remarketing ads have been to the advertiser’s website and are familiar with the business’s brand, products and services.



Because Remarketing targets the merchant’s website visitors, it offers some of the highest conversion rates and ROI of any of online advertising.

Uses GDN display inventory for significant audience reach
(90% of internet users worldwide, 94% of internet users in the U.S.)

Automated “tagless”* solution eliminates the need for advertisers to add code to their websites, a hurdle for many local businesses

Customizable list duration (default: 30 days)

Automated bidding with hourly optimization and continuous pacing

Supports common Internet Advertising Bureau sizes and formats, including images, animated images, Flash (SWF), HTML5 and text ads

Campaigns managed within AdVantage platform – no changes to order entry, performance management, reporting processes and no additional technological integration

Search Remarketing with Tracking Tags


1. A visitor reaches your site organically, directly, or via a paid search click.





2. Visitors are then added to your remarketing list.





3. Ads appear on other websites the visitors is browsing.

Tagless* Search Remarketing


1. A user performs a search and clicks on your paid search ad.





2. AdVantage collects data associated with that users click and builds a remarketing list.





3. AdVantage places an ad in front of the same user who left your site to drive a conversion.

* Not available in all countries. For further details, please contact us at

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