Driving Traffic to Auto Dealers- The Digital Marketing Approach

November 15, 2018 · Campaign Management and Optimization Industry Developments

Search Engine Marketing is now one of the most commonplace methods of marketing online. Certainly auto dealers also can benefit from this kind of marketing for their website, and ultimately- driving potential customers to their dealerships. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss not only the basics of digital marketing but also how specialized content marketing for auto dealers will drive traffic to your website … and your dealership!

Why Digital Marketing for Auto Dealers?

There are many reasons why digital marketing is important. For instance:

  • Did you know that targeted traffic provides for better conversion? When you create a digital marketing campaign specifically targeted at people who are looking for automobiles, you are more likely to get what’s called a conversion — that is, when someone who comes to your website becomes a customer. Some companies consider a conversion a warm lead, while others consider a conversion a click-through, but for dealerships, a conversion is when someone purchases a car. For instance, let’s say you, as a dealership, create a digital marketing campaign that’s all about the importance of buying a certified used car. By creating this campaign, you’ll drive traffic to your dealership that will only be interested in buying certified used cars and eliminate the “bad” traffic — that is, traffic that isn’t interested in buying a certified used car.
  • Targeted search and display ads provide a greater ROI on a PPC campaign In a nutshell, if you invest in a pay-per-click campaign, your dealership be the first search result a user will see when looking for cars in your inventory– and you’ll only pay when someone clicks through to the website.
  • Of course, the trick is that people who would be clicking through to your website via the PPC campaign would be so-called “hot leads” and would be most interested in buying an automobile through your company. Simply put: Those people who are clicking through are the people who are interested in buying your cars … so a small investiture in getting these qualified leads will generate a long-term profit margin!
  • Fun Fact: Targeted traffic not only provides for better page rankings but also increases customer retention. That’s right: The more SEO-optimized your pages are, the higher your page will rank in a Google search organically. So, using the previous example, if you optimize your pages for certified used vehicles, over a period of time, your dealership pages will become more and more visible throughout search engines. Furthermore, as your page becomes what’s known as a trusted authority due to this SEO optimization, you’ll be more likely to have repeat customers. Your customers will know to come to you each time they need a car as you establish that trust!

Some Best Practices to Get the Tires Spinning…

The following are some immediate strategies you can implement on your website to increase your traffic and ultimately drive traffic to your website and customers to your dealerships.

  • Site Loading Speed: If it takes a long time for your website to load, people won’t stay on your page and become customers, no matter how optimized your page is.
  • Landing Page Relevancy: make sure that the ads that you are serving and the copy itself directs the user to exactly what they are looking for.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Make sure your website is just as functional and easy to navigate as it’s desktop version,
  • If you own or franchise auto dealerships and are looking to drive potential customers to your locations using a digital solution, schedule a demo and ask about our Advantage Auto Solution


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