Case Study: MatchCraft Drives Significant Gains For Brazil’s Locaweb

April 28, 2015 · Case Studies

An excerpt from our most recent case study. Want more? Read the entire Locaweb case study or see our full case study list.

In 2012 Locaweb, Brazil’s largest provider of web hosting and digital marketing services, added search marketing to its menu of online marketing services for small businesses. Locaweb’s customers embraced search advertising enthusiastically, and by mid-2014 the company had three full-time campaign managers handling campaigns for several hundred advertisers with monthly budgets ranging from $150 to $3,000.

But as the company’s search advertising business grew, Locaweb’s campaign management team needed help, says Euvaldo Júnior, Locaweb’s Ecommerce Manager. “We knew we needed technology that would help our campaign managers handle more campaigns per person,” he says. The team was managing clients’ campaigns directly in AdWords, which made it difficult to get more efficient. Júnior also suspected that third-party technology might improve campaign results.

Operational gains, better campaigns

Locaweb began using MatchCraft’s AdVantage platform to manage some of its merchants’ search campaigns in August 2014. A few weeks later Júnior’s team was already operating more efficiently. Within a few months, Locaweb’s client campaigns showed significant improvement as well. One example: a motorcycle dealer in Sāo Paulo spending $2,000 per month saw its cost per click drop from $0.45 to $0.20, while the dealer’s click-through rate jumped from 4.74 to 10.76.

By Thanksgiving 2014, Locaweb had migrated all its merchant search campaigns to AdVantage. “Once we saw how well AdVantage was working for us, we didn’t need to wait any longer,” says Júnior.