The Results

NJ Advance Media advertiser sees 620 calls from its SEM campaign in 90 days using the AdVantage platform

Bids were set at $2.50 across the board, with no adjustments made for competitive activity or fluctuations in search behavior. “The original setup was less than ideal because it didn’t capitalize on the ability of SEM campaigns to show users the most relevant ad copy and landing page for each particular search,” notes Cooke. “Additionally, there was nothing in place to measure post-click performance. The advertiser was spending a lot of money on clicks that weren’t relevant and couldn’t measure how his marketing investment was impacting his business.”

And the results? Mediocre. The company was spending $8,000 per month and seeing 0.38% CTR, $1.38 average CPC, and an average position of 2.4. “We knew there was room for improvement,” says Cooke.

Small Changes, Big Results

Convinced the NJ Advance Media team and MatchCraft’s technology could deliver better return on its marketing spend, Liberty Parking turned control of their campaign over to Advance. The campaign now includes five ad groups that each contain highly relevant keywords and ad copy. Sitelinks, location extensions and call extensions are in place in an effort to increase engagement with the ads and to take full advantage of available real estate on the search results page. And instead of having one static bid across the entire campaign, AdVantage’s automated bidding algorithm adjusts bids hourly based on spend and available budget, competitive factors and time remaining in the budget cycle.

All the changes Cooke, the team at NJ Advance Media and the MatchCraft team made had a quick effect. Within 90 days of moving the campaign to the AdVantage platform, CTR increased to 3.5%. Although Newark Liberty’s CPC increased slightly to $1.87, call tracking showed the bigger picture: The business received 620 calls over that 90-day period. “In the end, what really matters to the client are the calls – that’s what leads to new business,” says Cooke.



  • Founded in 2014
  • NJ Advance Media provides content, advertising and marketing services to and New Jersey’s leading newspaper, The Star-Ledger
  • Provides other daily and weekly services to additional newspapers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

When we’re trying to figure out how to make a search campaign perform better, the first thing we look at is how the campaign was initially structured.”

Bill Cooke

Search/SEO Sales Director
NJ Advance Media

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