How to Use SEO and SEM to Boost Business

May 2, 2016 · Analysis Industry Developments

If you’re a business decision maker or marketer, there is a good chance you have heard about Search Engine Optimization — or SEO. SEO is the process by which you get your website page to rank well with search engines, and it’s key to maximizing traffic from organic search results.

Today, SEO can be a great way to boost your business via the web, especially when it is used in conjunction with SEM, or Search Engine Marketing.


SEO and SEM both can help bring awareness to your website through search engines, but the two are actually very different. While optimizing your content for SEO helps it appear naturally in internet users’ search engine results, SEM will place paid ads for your company at the top of search engine results pages, often in the form of sponsored links or sponsored results boxes.

While either can be helpful, making both processes a part of your digital marketing strategy can help ensure that you get the most traffic to your content.

The Basics of SEO Optimization

SEO optimization is not a simple science. Search engines have come up with complex algorithms in order to display the results they think are most authoritative and relevant first. However, there are some basic components of SEO optimization that can help boost your search engine score.

  1. Site performance: A site that functions well and loads fast will receive a higher score than one that is slow or not working properly
  2. Site content: This is the actual written content on a site, the number of keywords used and the titles on a page that directly influence its search engine ranking
  3. User experience: The site’s ease-of-use also factors into search engine ranking.
  4. Authority: Your site will rank high if it is deemed authoritative by a search engine. Authority is determined by things like links back to the site and citations for your information.

Tips to Improve Your SEO

If you want to improve your SEO to generate leads, there are some simple and quick steps you can take.

Ensure your blog or site is filled with high-quality, well-written content. The content should be formatted simply and clearly, with headings, subheadings and relevant, easy-to-read titles.

Incorporate target keywords into your title tags and into the URLs of your pages. Also, you can add social media share tags onto your site so that people can easily share your content on their profiles with the click of a button.

Make sure you remove any duplicate content from your website, since search engines penalize sites that have multiple copies of the same text.

Using SEM and SEO Together

One of the best strategies for promoting your SEO-optimized web content is using SEM. Some of the cornerstones of SEM are paid ad techniques like Google AdWords, Bing Advertising, Facebook Ads, Instagram ads and more. You can place paid ads promoting your site on platforms that already have a following, and then generate leads by impressing site visitors with content that is well-written, authoritative and relevant.

By focusing on a digital marketing strategy that incorporates both paid and organic promotional efforts, you will ultimately have an advertising plan that works stronger than either technique would be on its own.

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