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The pandemic triggered several changes in consumer behavior and, consequently, the marketing and sales strategies employed by brands. Gone are the days when you could expect the average consumer to reserve the majority of their shopping for the weekends. The pandemic and ensuing work-from-home situation required people to balance work, childcare, cooking, and residential chores.


Mothers Day Trends KC


Mother's Day is just around the corner and this year the National Retail Federation expects Mother’s Day spending to increase by around 4 billion. In fact, “Gifts for Mom” seems to be the most searched phrase in the US this month. 

A Message from Sandy

I admit it.  I like chick flicks.  They are predictable and run the full range of emotions from making me laugh to cry.  There is an unexpected courtship leading to commitment and always ends with a ‘happily ever after’.  As sappy as it sounds, that is how I’d describe our own storyline as we are pleased to announce Vendasta’s acquisition of MatchCraft.  


As 2021 comes to a close, retail trends are on the climb compared to 2020’s holiday season. Maximizing this year’s positive trends will help you get the most out of your advertising. Read more to learn which industries, search terms, and markets are booming this season!

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How MatchCraft thrives & attracts top-talent in a virtual workplace

Nicole Webb, VP People + Culture

November 2021


In 2020 we shared our framework for a virtual-centric workplace and culture.  Now, one year later, we’re sharing what we’ve learned and how we’ve evolved our virtual culture to retain top talent as the “Great Resignation” looms. 

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