Infoserve Case Study


Our partner, Microsoft Ads, recently published a case study featuring MatchCraft and our client Infoserve. The case study dives into the positive results seen by Infoserve, and its local advertisers, as a result of using MatchCraft’s proprietary technology to automate and scale their Microsoft Advertising campaigns. 


The partnership between Infoserve and MatchCraft allows for high scalability of campaign management, which lowers the barrier to entry to the paid search market. This makes Microsoft Advertising accessible to small businesses that would not be able to achieve these efficiencies on their own.


"MatchCraft’s cutting-edge campaign management technology have played a pivotal role for us in delivering PPC campaigns that achieve high conversion rates. MatchCraft's effective bid and budget management systems, and precise diagnostic and conversion tracking tools, are essential elements in the toolkit of our expert campaign managers."

Dan Lezcano, Infoserve’s Head of Paid Search


Click on the link below to download the entire case study. 

Infoserve X MatchCraft X Microsoft Ads Case Study 



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