Industry Updates

Digital Marketing Survival Guide 

Digital marketing is something that every business needs to stay viable in a growing online and virtual world. Here is how the right combination of various digital marketing techniques — specifically, paid and organic techniques — will benefit your business and help it remain viable.

Avertisers Solution to Ad Blockers

With an estimated 198 million ad-block users worldwide, advertisers are working to develop strategies to advertise to people who use apps to block advertising. While only 20 percent of internet users in the United States use ad-blocking software, a report published by the International News Media Association indicates that ad-block users are more likely to be tech-savvy millennials.

Prospective Partner Summt 2016

“Google executives from sales, marketing, product, and training will present the latest information about AdWords and the Google Partners Program that provides select companies with unparalleled training and marketing benefits.”

4 Reasons Outbound Marketing Still Works

The digital landscape has ushered in innovative and exciting ways to drive traffic to your site and inbound marketing has become a recent buzzword. Inbound marketing is the method of drawing people to your website who are specifically looking for the service you provide. Instead of throwing your message out there and hoping it sticks, inbound works to draw in people searching for a solution.

Make Your Business Stand Out

There are many different kinds of digital marketing, and all are designed to drive traffic to your website. One of the lesser known forms of digital marketing, however, is Search Engine Marketing, or SEM. We’re going to discuss the finer points of SEM and how you can use it to build important traffic to your website, thereby boosting your business!

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