Industry Updates

Why Search Engines Are Key to Business Growth

Most savvy businesses know the internet can drive leads and customers to their website. The days of billboards and mail are gone, and Google has proven to be an extremely important tool in facilitating business growth. In fact, Search Engine Watch estimates that over 91 million searches are performed daily on Google. With this in mind, how can your business stand out and make it to the top?

4 AdTech Trends 2016

In 2015, mobile surpassed desktop in search volume, and augmented and virtual reality entered the mainstream, opening new creative possibilities for advertisers to engage audiences. Those two trends alone could have a huge impact on AdTech in Q3/Q4 of 2016. Here is what we think will rule the Adtech world this year and moving forward.

Tactical Approach fb

The digital world of social media, websites and search engines is very fickle. Every few months, Google rolls out a new algorithm that’s a potential game-changer, while Facebook is all too notorious for its constant changes to its platform.

Right Rail Ads

So, Google AdWords rolled out its biggest changes since its inception this past week: the removal of right rail ads on desktop, barring the exceptions of Product Listings and Knowledge Panels. To compensate for this removal, Google will now show three ads on top of the page, and four for ‘commercial queries,’ such as insurance, hotels etc.

Inbound Marketing Best SEO Practices

Inbound marketing has grown dramatically over the past several years, partly due to consumer burnout on paid advertising. You can improve your local inbound marketing effectiveness by utilizing these free and paid tools.

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