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Measuring ROI for Digital Spend

Publishers thrived before the digital age, but most took a major hit in the transition period from print to Internet. Newspaper circulation decreased 25 percent between 2010 to 2014, and magazine circulation declined 19 percent within the same time period, according to Fortune. Publishers may not get back to their original size, but they can empower themselves and stand out among other publishers by developing well-rounded strategies and aligning themselves with the digital ecosystem that we live in today.

This week in the AdTech Roundup: Google Display Network has upped its commitment to viewability to give advertisers better control with by introducing new viewable frequency caps and reporting metrics within the platform.

This Weeks AdTech Roundup: Happy chrismahanukwanzakah from Google- they have rolled out a set of new gifts for retailers (in the form of data tools). So all of you nerds out there (present company included) will be pleasantly surprised to see new shopping features such as: product group optimization, mobile bid adjustment simulator, and performance columns specific to subdivisions of product groups.

This week in AdTech: Happy 15th Birthday to Google AdWords! That’s right, for 15 years you have been clicking on ads served by Google, and oh how it has evolved, take a journey back in time and see what AdWords has become.

This week in AdTech: Hey everybody come see how good I look! In case you missed it, MatchCraft brought home some heavy metal this week after receiving multiple Industry Excellence Awards from SIINDA 2015.

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