Industry Updates

Fulfillment Fund

MatchCraft, a proprietary digital marketing platform for local businesses and creator of AdVantage™, has taken on sponsorship of Fulfillment Fund, a program that empowers and educates students through mentorship, online education, internship opportunities and individual college counseling.

Paid Search Marketing Automation

Of course, you know that paid search marketing is a worthy investment. But how can you effectively scale your paid search marketing efforts so that you can do it more efficiently, regain hours in your day and focus on other priorities too?

Google Roundup

Our latest roundup of all the Google updates you need to know about.

Not So Secret PPC Metrics

Metrics and data have brought the marketing world to life…but what happens when your ad account gives you a case of Information Overload? Not only do you risk total distraction, but you may tune out the metrics that matter the most.

Google and Bing

There’s no doubt about it: Google is the de facto Search King. We’re not going to argue with you on that one; it’s a widely known and accepted fact that Google owns most of the market share when it comes to search.