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What Are Sitelinks?

Sitelinks are ad extensions that allow advertisers to include additional links to pages on their websites. These extensions can be added to the ads being provisioned on search networks such as Google & Bing. 

Merchant Center

Resellers and agencies have many options when it comes to carefully utilizing and maximizing their advertisers’ online spend. They can choose to advertise on Search and Display networks such as Google and Bing, go the social route using Facebook and Instagram, use any other combination of these networks or advertise on them all. 


At MatchCraft we take campaign management very seriously – and our adVantage™ platform was designed to make optimization easier and more effective. Our automated bid management, precise budget pacing, detailed data reporting, and a full suite of tools enable campaign managers to achieve the maximum return for their advertisers. 

MatchCraft’s adVantage platform features functionality designed to maximize your advertiser’s digital media spend. The functionality native to the adVantage platform includes features not available when placing with the publishers directly and is designed to improve both performance and operational efficiency.

20th Anniversary Matchcraft

It’s the year we’ve been anticipating—we officially turn the ripe age of 20, and we plan to celebrate it all year long!

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