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Managing Negative Keywords 

Search marketing managers spend a lot of time deciding which keywords they should include in a campaign. But negative keywords – terms that are specifically excluded from campaigns – deserve equal attention.

Reduce SMB Churn

All companies that sell digital marketing services to SMBs share one common frustration: customer churn and how to reduce churn rate. Local search analyst Greg Sterling puts the average annual churn rate for search marketing clients at or above 50 percent, with some companies seeing churn rates even higher.

Global Growth Hacker of the Year

MatchCraft was awarded the Global Growth Hacker of the Year Award at the annual Bing Partner Summit, held in Fremont Studios in Seattle, WA (USA).

Matchcraft Business Team

We see it all the time. Advertisers and agencies reach a natural tipping point in their business, where they are on the precipice of a skyrocket scale—but lack the resources to do it the right way. After all, juggling a couple hundred clients (or, in some cases, a couple thousand) takes precision, manpower, and dedicated resources.

Matchcraft People and Culture Team

Behind every great company is a great human resources team—or, what we refer to as our People & Culture team. And we didn’t just call ’em that because it’s cute.

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