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We’ve been receiving a ton of questions about disapprovals in AdWords and Bing. The biggest frustration: fixing disapproved ads so your campaigns can continue to run seamlessly.

Quick and Easy Guide to Finding Keywords for Your Website

Keyword research may be the most critical aspect of digital marketing and search. The ability to rank for the right keywords – and attract the right audience – can transform your business.

Bid Adjustments the Latest Updates and Best Practices

If you’re a new to the concept, Google Ads bid adjustments allow you to decide how (what device), where (geo-location) and when (ad scheduling) your ads will show.

MatchCraft Bing Syndication 1

There’s no doubt about it – it is a crowded world when it comes to paid search. Advertisers are fighting a tidal wave of competition and easily distracted viewers, all while trying to keep their ad spend in a reasonable range.

Why Matchcraft

We know digital advertising agencies have many platforms to choose from; it’s a crowded market. But we also know digital marketing is a tough place, with crowded margins, high-pressure to perform, and clients who come with equally-high expectations.

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