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Why Digital Agencies Need Search Marketing

Ask most small business owners how they feel about online advertising and you’ll get a pretty consistent response: Overwhelmed. They know they need to be investing in it, they know they can’t ignore it, and they suspect they don’t know how to do it right.

How to Use Callout Extensions Effectively

Who doesn’t enjoy a good offer? That’s right – no one! That’s why search engines rolled out a form of ad extensions, called “Callouts”.

8 Impactful Display Ad Ideas

Display ads are everywhere, from social media feeds and entertainment websites to newspapers and online magazines. But for their massive popularity, a lot of companies struggle to get a decent conversion rate to justify all of their efforts (and ad spend coming up with advertising ideas).

When to Use Ad Extensions

Do you feel constrained by your current ad—wanting to give viewers more information about your company, product, or how to get it in their hands? Well, ad extensions are your ticket to achieving this goal of delivering additional details.

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