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When to Use Ad Extensions

Do you feel constrained by your current ad—wanting to give viewers more information about your company, product, or how to get it in their hands? Well, ad extensions are your ticket to achieving this goal of delivering additional details.

Matchcraft Communication Devices

Marketers who work with local businesses spend a lot of time and energy these days tracking and optimizing call-based conversions. And that’s as it should be: With more consumers using mobile devices than desktop computers when looking for local information, most local businesses now favor phone calls over clicks as their conversion of choice.

Dynamic Optimization Matchcraft

Digital marketers face a lot of opportunities, but along with that comes tradeoffs.

Landing Pages Basics matchcraft

Can we all agree on one thing? Landing pages are a big deal. They act like a giant net, capturing traffic from lead generation effort, click-throughs, email marketing and more.

How Do Google Ad Location Extensions Work

Q: Is it true that Google is migrating location extensions to Google My Business, and is automatically creating Google My Business accounts? Why are they doing this and what do I need to know?

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