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Ad Blocker Update

The ad blocker saga continues for advertising. As you know, ad blocking has been on the rise for some time now. And when we last updated you, we had suggested a slew of creative solutions that you could experiment with to hopefully circumvent the problem.

What Are Dynamic Keyword Insertions

Dynamic Keyword Insertion occurs when a completely random, obscure search is thrown back in your face—in the form of a precisely worded ad.

6 Effective Advertising Tips for This Halloween

Halloween is so much more than corny ghost movies. It marks the official kick-off of holiday advertising. That’s right. Gone are the soft summer leagues—see ya, board shorts—and now things are getting monstrously serious. (See what we did there?)

How Can I Improve My Quality Score

If you’re a digital marketing geek, you’ll nod in agreement when we say that part of the fun in what we do is the never-ending opportunity for optimization.

Boost Conversions by Localizing Your Marketing

We’re living in a hyper-global, hyper-local world. Ironic, no?

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