Negative Keyword Conflict

Customers today want products and services to be available at the touch of a button. Adding call-in information in ads is a great way to fulfill that need. However, just drawing in customer calls is not enough; to fully understand and subsequently, maximize the potential of paid advertising, it is important to assess both the quantity and quality of leads coming in. This is where Call Tracking comes in! 

Negative Keyword Conflict

2020 has been unexpected in many ways but the one thing that has remained unchanged is MatchCraft’s drive to constantly introduce new tools and features to better help our reseller and agency clients serve their local merchants. 

One of the latest feature additions to adVantage is a great example of it - the Social Estimator tool. 

Holiday shopping trends 2020

2020 has been a year of many changes and one of the biggest shifts has been seen in shopper behavior - and the way business owners have adapted to meet the new demands of these new COVID-conscious customers.

So, as the holiday season begins, we want to share some insights on new shopper behaviors and what merchants can do to succeed. Also, some tips and tricks for our reseller/agency clients managing several ad accounts at scale via our proprietary platform adVantage. 

2020 lookback

Another few weeks and we will be in the new year. But before 2020 is officially over, we want to take a quick look at the year that was.

This year our incredible team, powered through all the hurdles that came across as a result of the pandemic and, was able to offer 7 product releases to our reseller and agency clients. These 7 releases added 59 new features to our adVantage platform!  

Covid local impact us

In July & August, our friends at BigFive Digital conducted their “Legacy of Lockdowns" survey which spanned all four of BigFive's operative regions - West Africa, East/Central Africa, South & Sub-Saharan Africa & Middle East/North Africa. The goal was to identify the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on small businesses in those regions and the resulting changes in attitudes & behaviors.

Below are a few key statistics from the survey. 

Covid local impact us


Recently, MatchCraft's CEO, Sandy Lohr joined Thryv's Connect20 conference to talk about "The Role of Search in Running Local Businesses". She touched upon topics such as the impact of COVID-19 on consumer and search behaviors, the role search can play in helping SMBs compete with big brands and what SMBs should be focusing on in order to succeed in their local markets. 

Below are a few key statistics from the presentation. 

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