This week in AdTech: Google implements YouTube TrueView into the AdWords fold, now allowing campaign managers a central platform for search, display, shopping and video ads; this leads the way for a discussion into the huge opportunities that YouTube video ads present to digital advertisers.

This week in the ADTECH Roundup we cover Google’s re-branding and how they’re changing more than just the logo; it is part of a bigger picture that includes-but is not limited to- a new UI for its mobile search results.

Mobile responsiveness is becoming a global norm since the increase in smartphone usage and Google’s announcement that a non-responsive site will result in a lower Quality Score; but, there are more elements to be incorporated to ensure a solid search position.

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Search engine marketing campaigns can be overwhelming to handle completely in-house, especially if you aren’t using a platform that provides you with features to cut down on the more monotonous aspects of handling SEM and PPC campaigns.

MCv4 dashboard

One of the most important parts of any digital marketing platform is the dashboard advertisers and sales reps access to view campaign results. Our new upgraded Merchant Center gives businesses an easy-to-use interactive dashboard with unmatched visibility and control over their campaigns.

Jade Mayberry

We are excited to welcome Jade Mayberry to the MatchCraft Team today. Jade will be joining us as an account coordinator and will be responsible for supporting our partners and adding value to their programs.

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