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Over the past few months, we have featured MatchCraft teams and there are more to come! This week we are shining the spotlight on the team behind the curtain, responsible for all the amazing content you enjoy, the Marketing team.

emea am team

MatchCraft’s Taxonomy, adVisor, is a proprietary keyword and ad copy library that supports more than 20 languages and dialects across 44 countries. This category-based library is the result of over two decades of research and learning. It offers ready-to-use ad copies & keywords in 2,500+ different verticals. Giving our reseller and agency clients the ability to run their campaigns in multiple languages or target different verticals or both. 

Client Engagement team

MatchCraft’s proprietary & battle-tested platform, adVantage, has been helping our reseller and agency clients sell and manage digital campaigns for their local advertisers since 1998

But our platform would not be half as effective if it were not for the people maximizing the potential offered by it. We are of course talking about our Client Engagement Team. 

emea am team

MatchCraft’s focus has always been on offering our reseller/agency clients ad-tech that not only gives them the ability to succeed in the present but also sets them up for staying ahead of the curve every time. A good example is the recent introduction of Automated Responsive Search Ads to our proprietary platform adVantage

emea am team

Last week we featured our US based Client Engagement Team & this week we are shining the light on our awesome EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) Account Management Team.

emea am team

SANTA MONICA, Calif.July 9, 2020 -- MatchCraft, the leading platform for selling and managing digital marketing campaigns at scale, recently introduced it's latest offering Automated Responsive Search Ads. MatchCraft's Automated Responsive Search Ads feature was developed to streamline & automate the process of setting up and provisioning Google's Responsive Search Ads (RSA) format.

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