Audience targeting its importance

When using online advertising to promote your advertisers’ products/services it is important to use their advertising budgets to target the correct audiences. 

Merchant Center

Resellers and agencies have many options when it comes to carefully utilizing and maximizing their advertisers’ online spend. They can choose to advertise on Search and Display networks such as Google and Bing, go the social route using Facebook and Instagram, use any other combination of these networks or advertise on them all. 

Benefits of Bing Syndication

MatchCraft offers Bing’s Syndication Network as a part of the Bing Search offering in our adVantage platform.

adVantages Sitelink Suggestions

What Are Sitelinks?

Sitelinks are ad extensions that allow advertisers to include additional links to pages on their websites. These extensions can be added to the ads being provisioned on search networks such as Google & Bing. 


The team at MatchCraft would like to express our concern for our clients and their families in addition to the MatchCraft families in Australia. In this time of crisis we offer assistance on behalf of the clients we have the privilege to serve every day.

Google My Business x adVantage

Our aim at MatchCraft is to simplify campaign management for our resellers and agency clients and their advertisers. Every feature on our platform adVantageTM is designed keeping that goal in mind.

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