Average Position has long been a key metric used by advertisers, optimizers, and sales teams alike to evaluate the effectiveness of a paid search campaign. Google’s announcement that the average position metric would be eliminated provided an opportunity to shift our focus to more meaningful metrics: Impression ShareTop Impression Rate, and Absolute Top Impression Rate.

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SANTA MONICA, CaliforniaOct. 24, 2019 -- At the SIINDA (Search & Information Industry Association) Local Search Summit Conference held in Lisbon, Portugal, MatchCraft was awarded a Silver Industry Excellence Award in the "Sales and Marketing Automation" category, for their "Performance Notifications" product. 

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This November, you can find us at the Healthcare Internet Conference being hosted in Orlando, Florida.

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At MatchCraft we believe that Customer Retention is key to a successful and sustainable business. It is a well-known fact that the cost of acquisition is high, but that is not the only determining factor.

MatchCraft’s adVantage platform features functionality designed to maximize your advertiser’s digital media spend. The functionality native to the adVantage platform includes features not available when placing with the publishers directly and is designed to improve both performance and operational efficiency.


Fall is here! And so is a month full of conferences and speaking engagements. After attending SIINDA’s Local Search Summit in Lisbon, we will be off to Yext’s Onward19 being hosted in New York.

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