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Car Dealership Advertising With AdVantage Auto

95% of consumers begin their auto shopping online before visiting a dealership *. A digital marketing strategy is imperative to a dealership’s success. To stay ahead of the competition and drive buyers to your dealership clients, you need a well-tuned digital advertising solution. We can help.

Our Solutions

Work Smarter with AdVantage Auto

A fully automated search marketing platform designed for automotive dealerships. Our intuitive program is working 24/7 behind the scenes optimizing ads, placement, and bids to get you maximum results.

Dynamically Generated

Ads and keywords are dynamically generated and supplied to the search engines based on your latest delivered inventory feed.

Customized Ads by Inventory

Inventory specific ad copy and keywords created for each year, make and model

Manage Dozens of Campaigns

By combining inventory data with specific ad copy templates and keywords, AdAuto allows you to manage large volumes of auto dealer campaigns at scale.

Insightful Reporting Dashboard

Have full transparency into all your performance metrics.

Sell More Vehicles for the Same Ad Spend

  1. Ads are shown based on the specific make, model, and year of vehicles available in the inventory.
  2. When consumers click on the ad they visit the landing page featuring the specific vehicle they’re searching for.
  3. The automated bid and budget management feature is working in the background ensuring steady budget pacing and maximum ROI.
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How It Works


Schedule a Needs Assessment

Meet with a member of our team to discuss your goals and aspirations. We’ll demonstrate how to leverage the platform specifically for your goals.

Receive a Custom Plan

We work on the perfect plan for you and your business needs.

Start Selling Campaigns

Sell more campaigns, make more money, and deliver great results!