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Finnish publisher Fonecta saw a 50% reduction in average cost per click after switching to MatchCraft’s AdVantage™ platform. Customers are happy, sales are skyrocketing, churn is down, and Fonecta’s team is working more efficiently than ever

Fonecta, the largest business directory publisher in Finland, has digitalized its offering to great extent during the past few years and wants to also help Finnish small businesses to make the most out of online marketing. “A third of all micro-sized businesses in Finland don’t even have a website yet,” says Fonecta Product Manager Mikko Vaitti.

In the 10+ years Fonecta has offered search marketing services to SMEs in Finland, small businesses have warmed to the idea of search advertising. Fonecta, for example, has doubled its customer campaigns to 4,000 in the past two years. But the growth, combined with customers’ increasing sophistication around online marketing, has come with challenges involving staffing, efficiency, and delivering the performance-oriented metrics and ROI calculations customers increasingly demand.

And that’s exactly why Vaitti is so pleased with MatchCraft’s AdVantage platform. “Managing thousands of small AdWords accounts without adequate automation was challenging,” he says. “AdVantage makes our campaign managers much more efficient and, at the same time, provides them with the tools they need to show our customers the results of their campaigns.”

When Fonecta transferred their clients’ search campaigns to Matchraft in 2012, advertisers quickly saw as much as a 50% increase in the amount of traffic they received for relevant keywords. Fonecta’s customers have seen their search ROI climb steadily, including a 50% drop in average cost per click (CPC). Furthermore, better results for clients translates directly to lower churn rates, a concern shared by every publisher selling search advertising. “Our sales team tells me that since we started working with MatchCraft, they never rarely lose a deal because of price,” Vaitti says. “Our customers can really see the value in their search advertising campaigns.”

Automation: The Key To Managing Small-Budget Campaigns

When Fonecta first came to MatchCraft, a team of 10 campaign managers was handling more than a thousand merchant accounts directly in Google’s AdWords platform – but it wasn’t easy. “Managing the bids and budgets for thousands of small AdWords accounts was demanding and not very cost-effective – we knew we needed some kind of automation in place,” explains Vaitti. Another big challenge was quickly and easily identifying accounts that needed attention.

Fonecta transferred a large number of its customers’ campaigns to MatchCraft’s AdVantage platform in September 2012. These clickbased campaigns ran through March 2013, and within that time Vaitti noticed concrete results from AdVantage’s automated bid and budget management. Average CPC went down significantly – “more than would have been possible managing the campaigns manually,” he notes – and his team was spending significantly less time creating and optimizing campaigns. In April 2013, also the higher spend campaigns were transferred to AdVantage.

One of the features Vaitti’s team likes most about AdVantage is the analytics, which allow campaign managers to spot trends and quickly identify opportunities for optimization. “The Pacing tab, other analytics and reporting tools give us a clear view of our program’s overall performance,” Vaitti explains. MatchCraft’s reporting is a great addition to AdWords reports helping us to identify poorly performing accounts or accounts with critical issues, Vaitti adds.

Fonecta’s team appreciates MatchCraft’s diligent attention to both customer service and development. “MatchCraft’s service in campaign management has been excellent,” Vaitti says. “Campaign issues are either handled automatically or passed to us with no delay. We even get expert advice and help on AdWords features and issues.” Vaitti also notes that MatchCraft is constantly refining and adding features to the AdVantage platform based on his team’s suggestions: “Our specific needs and feedback are always recognized and taken into consideration.”

Today (June 2014), Fonecta manages search advertising for more than 4,000 merchants using AdVantage. Although the number of campaigns has tripled, Vaitti’s team still runs lean. “Our team has grown because our business has grown, but we are much more efficient,” Vaitti says.

Fonecta has passed the savings on to customers. “Because AdVantage lets us automate so much, we can offer less expensive packages, which keeps our customers very happy,” says Vaitti. Small businesses often think that search advertising is very expensive, he adds, so being able to offer them entry-level packages that drive measurable results is a huge win. And the small businesses who have tried Google AdWords on their own in the past are thrilled to see the lower CPCs Fonecta’s campaigns provide. “We are delivering our clients 50% more traffic than before, and this means hundreds of thousands of potential new customers for them,” Vaitti notes. “Their success is our success.”



  • Founded in 2002, Fonecta is the largest directory service in Finland
  • Fonecta is part of European Directories Group, offering search, telephone directory, and Yellow Pages services for consumers, as well as digital media and customer relationship management services for enterprises.
  • Fonecta has around ~1,000 employees and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

AdVantage is indeed a neat and practical platform to manage vast amount of campaigns with a fluent and even fun approach for optimizing ad performance. Furthermore the adoption of the user interface is effortless.“

Tero Fagerström

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