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A few reasons the best jobs are at matchcraft:

Working with a fun, friendly and diverse bunch of team members in an exciting and fast-paced setting.

Along with investing in product development, matchcraft invests in its people too. matchcraft is committed to providing generous benefits, career development, and perks to all full-time employees.

Our transformative technology, products, and services help thousands of SMB’s achieve real results.

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Remote Working


Remote Working


Remote Working

The Client Engagement team at matchcraft personifies the spirit of the telecommuting culture - 100% of the team works remotely. It is a global group, with team members in 4 different countries across the globe, and in several states within the US.

Having our team members work remotely, benefits both them and our company. Employees recently reported that the tops benefits of working remotely include a flexible schedule, saving time and resources on commuting, and the ability to spend more time with family. In turn, the company is able to reduce overhead and access talent in several regions rather than limiting ourselves to talent in a location with a physical office. As a bonus, we have also noticed some improvements in productivity.

Since a large part of matchcraft’s workforce is remote, the company organizes events such as global happy hours, annual costume contests, Bring Your Own Lunch socials, and volunteering opportunities through the matchcraft Gives Back initiative #matchcraftgivesback.

With a growing remote employee population, we practice schedule transparency across the organization. Having a view into when team members are online, out of the office for breaks, lunches or appointments is an important part of our remote team being successful and productive. We accommodate flexibility when possible and promote work/life balance. The Client Engagement team and all teams across matchcraft are required to have a set schedule to ensure that project deadlines are met; however, we look at team member needs and our client needs, to come up with schedules that work for our employees, our organization and our clients.


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