Advantage Social™

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The Largest Advertising Opportunity

AdVantage Social simplifies the Facebook Advertising experience by merging the platform into a single view for easy monitoring and reporting, providing built-in, top-of-the-line automatic optimization for all campaigns, ads, and ad sets that a merchant may be running on Facebook.

Social Express

What is it?

Allows Facebook and Instagram campaigns to be created and managed within AdVantage. Eliminates the need to go to Facebook for campaign creation. Select objectives, creatives, and features are supported.

Who is it for?

This product is ideal if you want to streamline operations and offer social packages focused on common objectives and creative types. Express also works well for those who have limited experience or are new to Facebook advertising.

Social Connect

What is it?

Allows campaigns created in Facebook to be connected to AdVantage for reporting, monitoring, disapproval tracking and optimization. Allows use of the full range of Facebook and Instagram advertising features.

Who is it for?

This product is ideal if you have Facebook advertising experience and need a social advertising solution with maximum flexibility.

Simplify campaign creation process to a few key settings.

Advanced features and tools that accelerate campaign creation workflow.

Manage aspects of monitoring, optimizing and reporting to save you time and money.

With AdVantage Roar API Integration, features can be easily integrated with your existing platform.

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