Advantage Social™

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The Largest Advertising Opportunity

AdVantage Social simplifies the Facebook Advertising experience by merging the platform into a single view for easy monitoring and reporting, providing built-in, top-of-the-line automatic optimization for all campaigns, ads, and ad sets that a merchant may be running on Facebook.


View campaigns status, disapprovals and other diagnostic details

Program & Campaign Performance

View overall program performance to get a high-level campaign insights for all of your advertisers. Drill down into campaign details to view metrics and targeting breakdowns by campaign, ad set, or ad.


View Facebook campaigns alongside search, display and remarketing campaigns.

Optimize & Execute

Automatically optimize ad set targeting based on campaign performance and recommendations.

Report | Monitor | Optimize

View graphs that depict patterns in metrics such as frequency, reach and actions

See pie chart breakdowns based on gender, age, placement and actions

Accelerate your A/B testing audiences and ad creative

Provide your advertisers with a visual dashboard for viewing metrics and a preview of ads as they appear on Facebook

Generate customizable PDF campaign performance reports

Instantly optimize your campaigns based on performance with the click of a button

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