Packing Lunches for a Cause With #HashtagLunchBag

Oct 18, 2017 | Match Craft Causes Archive

What’s better than a regular ‘ole lunch? A bagged lunch! Hand-packed with a love note, and given away to those in need!

And we’re thrilled to say that we got to make special lunches like these! We partnered with #HashtagLunchBag to make 194 bagged lunches and personally deliver them to those in need at three Ocean Park Community Centers, located in West Los Angeles.

Ocean Park makes a big impact in the community by giving people the tools they need to rebuild their lives. The goal: to take away barriers to resources and get these folks back on their feet. Now, that’s a mission we can get behind!

#HashtagLunchBag was an incredibly rewarding experience for the entire team. We deeply believe in getting involved in our local community. This is just one of the ways you can find us making an impact.

Want to see us packing lunch bags in action? Check out our Instagram!