matchcraft is more than a marketing platform

matchcraft provides best-in-class advertising technology that enables companies to successfully sell and manage search, display, and social campaigns for their advertisers. Unlike other advertising technology platforms, matchcraft’s adVantage platform helps organizations efficiently manage campaigns of all sizes, enabling clients to deliver spectacular results to their advertisers.

matchcraft’s sophisticated real-time bidding algorithms work around the clock to deliver exceptional ROI for merchants across the globe. Cost-effective clicks aren’t enough anymore – adVantage provides the tools needed to measure success through calls, conversions, and purchases. Our comprehensive suite of campaign management tools enables your campaigns to deliver maximum results.

For more than 20 years the entire matchcraft team has shared a common goal: deliver exceptional service to its clients and tremendous value to every single merchant it serves on the platform. From engineering to client engagement to finance, every matchcraft employee focuses on exceeding our partners’ expectations and delivering outstanding results to every advertiser.

We Are Matchcraft




Through The Years

To celebrate our journey over the past 20+ years, we want to share some of our favorite moments from the history of MatchCraft.

2018 - #20InspiringYears

Work + Fun

We started exploring Japanese culture, honing our photography skills and delving deeper into data analysis thanks to the inception of our employee-run clubs program. Sushi anyone?

Awards, This Way Please

MatchCraft was honored with the title of Bing's Global Growth Hacker of the Year 2018.


We turned 20 this August and have been celebrating all year long! Next up, Yacht party!

Helping Those in Need

We organized an event in association with #LunchBag and packed 227 lunches! We also conducted donation drives for the Salvation Army, & Westside Foodbank. And participated in the #NoOneGoesHungry drive in North Carolina.

So Much More to Come

It has been an incredible journey thus far thanks to our clients, their advertisers and of course our ever-expanding family of MatchCrafters. We are excited about the next chapter in MatchCraft's story.

20 Years Work Fun

2016-2017 - Best in Class

Hello Brazil

We cemented our presence in LATAM by expanding to Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Welcome Interns!

We partnered with the Fulfillment Fund to launch our internship program. Over the summer we had the pleasure of working with several bright young minds.

We Like Being First

MatchCraft became the first global technology company to successfully implement the new ETA (Expanded Text Ads) format for both Google & Bing.

Lights, Camera, Action...

MatchCraft was featured on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland. The program aired on Bloomberg and Fox Business.

The Winning Streak Continues

MatchCraft was recognized as the Bing Global Growth Technology Partner of the Year and also nabbed another 3 SIINDA Industry Excellence awards.

Brazil Mic

2014-2015 - Expansions and Awards

Acquired by Advance Digital

We got a new parent company and we expanded to a larger office in Santa Monica.

MatchCraft Goes Pet Friendly

All dogs allowed in the office!

LATAM, Here We Come!

We expanded our reach to Latin America, to better serve our ever growing portfolio of clients throughout the globe.

Advantage Merchant Center

Our award-winning, customizable dashboard designed to provide easy access to campaign performance details, went live for the very first time!

Industry-wide recognition

In October 2015, our platform AdVantage was recognized with 2 awards at the SIINDA Industry Excellence Award ceremony held in Prague, Czech Republic.

Welcome, Sandy & Marc!

We welcomed our CEO, Sandy Lohr & our CRO, Marc Zaks to the team.

Latam Dogs

2009-2013 - Party Time!

The Craft of Sheep Herding

Sheep herding was introduced to the MatchCraft team by our Director of Engineering. One of our favorite discoveries to date!

We Turned 15!

Our Europe HQ in Leiden, Netherlands, celebrated with a posh garden party. Meanwhile, the US team took a tour of Malibu's world renowned wineries. Cheers to that!


2007-2008 - Movers and Savers

Santa Monica

We moved to a swanky new office in Santa Monica. After all these years we still call Silicon Beach our home.

Saved by a Pencil Eraser

When an important server crashed, a member of our IT team brought it back to life with a pencil eraser. Clearly, we have a very talented team.

We Turned 10!

The entire team celebrated with a murder mystery cruise. We do birthdays right!


1999-2006 - We Made It!

Taking Flight

We successfully completed Series A, B & C funding rounds.

Dotcom Bust. What?

Not only did we survive the dotcom bust of 2001, we were successful & had considerable growth.

The Great European Adventure

We signed our first European client in 2006 and it has been an amazing ride since then. We now have an entire team focused on the EMEA market based in Leiden, Netherlands.


1998 - MatchCraft is Born!

Los Angeles Valley

During MatchCraft's early days, our founders Dorab, Scott and Uzi, set up shop in Dorab's living room. Like many true technology start-ups.

The Very First Prototype

Our exchange was called Alpha. The concept was that buyers of ad space (advertisers) could make offers and sellers (publishers) could review the offers and choose the ones they wanted to run on their site.



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