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White Label Digital Marketing Platform — AdVantage by MatchCraft

MatchCraft is the leading platform for selling and managing digital marketing campaigns.

Better Results

Produce Better Results From Your Digital Media Campaigns

Your future looks bright with MatchCraft.

Enhance Your Reputation

Improve ROI and deliver amazing results.

Increase Your Bandwidth

Saving time and money means room to scale.

Make More Money

Our real-time bidding algorithm creates campaigns and shifts budget to high-performing ads automatically.

In the three years since MatchCraft partnered with Milan-based Local Web, their team has more than doubled the number of campaigns they are able to manage. Download the Partner Success Story to learn more.

Enabling Partner Success

Local Web & MatchCraft


Leverage MatchCraft’s Industry Leading Platform

Bring on more clients — you are ready to grow your business.

One problem: The marketplace is ever-shifting, leaving your resources tapped out. You need a new approach if you’re going to scale your business. MatchCraft’s robust platform does most of the legwork for you by automatically keeping campaigns running at optimal efficiency, enabling you to focus time and energy on growth.

Keyword and Ad Copy Library

Create campaigns quickly and easily with AdVisor, our extensive keyword and ad copy library.

  • Category-based library includes over 2,500 verticals for local SMBs in more than 20 languages, plus the ability to develop new libraries in almost any language or dialect.
  • Our taxonomy team includes native-speaking experts for each language ensuring keywords and ad copy are authentic and compelling in their language and/or dialect.

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Multi-channel Bid and Budget Optimization

Replace hours of manual bid management and work more efficiently across multiple clients.

  • Our algorithm makes decisions about which channel, search, display, or social delivers the highest yield, and allocates budget accordingly.
  • Enables the most effective use of your client’s budget regardless of the channel and publisher.

Merchant Center

Show clients the value they’re getting from their campaigns.

  • Fully white labeled reporting dashboard
  • Easy for advertisers to navigate and understand
  • Campaign performance results update daily

Dynamic Number Replacement + Call Tracking

Track phone calls generated by each individual campaign.

  • Fully automated solution
  • Helps to optimize the campaign to increase results
  • Your clients can easily see the calls being generated by the campaign


Break Through Marketplace Challenges and Get Ahead

Balance the scales with major search engines and regain power over your campaigns. Our platform’s algorithm determines which channel provides the best ROI for you and automatically shifts budget to optimize success.


Real-time bidding algorithms create, manage, & optimize ad campaigns on major search engines that deliver exceptional ROI to local merchants around the world.


Use targeted display ads to build top-of-mind awareness with consumers as they navigate to different websites throughout their day.


Reach users who have already shown interest in a business, reminding them of products and services, extending special offers, and increasing the likelihood of a conversion.


Simplify the Facebook and Instagram advertising experience by merging the platform into a single view for easy monitoring and reporting.


Automate the creation and management of your Google shopping campaigns.

Do you service automotive dealerships?


World-class Customer Support and Leadership

Over the last 24 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of teams and agencies like yours. Many of us began our careers in your shoes, experiencing first-hand the frustrations you deal with daily. We understand how difficult scaling can be with limited resources in an ever-shifting industry. Our software returns the power back to you. You won’t find any bots or canned help messages at MatchCraft. Our support team is comprised of experts that are passionate about helping small businesses succeed with our platform.

Serving Partners for

Years in Business

Managed & Optimized

Campaigns...and Counting

Global Footprint in


Localized keywords & Ad Copy in

Languages & Dialects

In the three years since MatchCraft partnered with Milan-based Local Web, their team has more than doubled the number of campaigns they are able to manage. Download the Partner Success Story to learn more.

Enabling Partner Success

Local Web & MatchCraft

About Process

How It Works


Schedule a Needs Assessment

Meet with a member of our team to discuss your goals and aspirations. We’ll demonstrate how to leverage the platform specifically for your goals.

Receive a Custom Plan

We work on the perfect plan for you and your business needs.

Start Selling Campaigns

Sell more campaigns, make more money, and deliver great results!

Online Advertising Campaign Management FAQ

What is a white label digital advertising platform?

White label digital advertising is when a digital platform provides an agency or reseller with its products or services under the agency’s branding. The agency resells the product or service the digital platform is providing as its own — while the original digital platform does the work.

Why work with a white label digital advertising company?

Working with a white label digital advertising platform has many benefits for your online presence. When you work with a high-quality white label provider, they do most of the hard work for you and give you access to their expertise and campaign management software while you get to take credit for the work. It’s kind of like hiring a ghostwriter to write your book for you. This allows you to give your clients the digital advertising services they desire while also continuing to grow your business.

How do you know if hiring a white label digital advertising platform is the right move for your company?

Companies normally hire a white label marketing platform if a client asks them for a service they do not provide. For example, if you are a traditional advertising agency that specializes in print campaigns, you might hire a white label digital marketing platform to handle an SEO campaign for one of your clients.

Learn More About MatchCraft’s White Label Digital Marketing Platform — AdVantage

For over 24 years, MatchCraft has been working with hundreds of teams and agencies to help them grow using the power of digital marketing. AdVantage, our white label digital marketing platform, is the latest campaign management software we have created to help agencies thrive in the digital age.

This platform allows you to manage your paid social, paid search, and display accounts all on one seamless platform.

Contact our team today to schedule your assessment and learn what makes the AdVantage platform the next great advancement in white label marketing tools.