A Message from Sandy

Jan 5, 2022 | Industry Updates

I admit it.  I like chick flicks.  They are predictable and run the full range of emotions from making me laugh to cry.  There is an unexpected courtship leading to commitment and always ends with a ‘happily ever after’.  As sappy as it sounds, that is how I’d describe our own storyline as we are pleased to announce Vendasta’s acquisition of MatchCraft.

It’s a great story.  One of the fastest-growing Canadian tech companies meets one of the most experienced Advertising Technology companies.  Vendasta’s drive to provide solutions that enable local businesses to be successful closely mirrors MatchCraft’s vision of helping businesses succeed with its technology and global expertise.

It is made possible by the stars, the award-winning MatchCraft cast and crew.  Vendasta welcomes each and every one of the MatchCraft team and has made sure we maintain the benefits and culture that we have nurtured across the past two decades. MatchCraft and Vendasta share a deep commitment to our employees, the people who make the organizations run. Fostering innovation, encouraging agility, and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion will remain foundational to MatchCraft’s industry-leading culture. It’s uncanny how closely Vendasta’s and MatchCraft’s visions are aligned. You tell me…



To be the single source of truth for local business.


To be the #1 platform for selling digital solutions to local businesses.


To help businesses succeed by empowering digital marketing companies with our battle-tested technology and global expertise.


To have unwavering integrity in our products and services.


For our partners across the globe, MatchCraft’s commitment to innovation, quality, and service remains unchanged. MatchCraft will remain a separate autonomous company.  Our partners can expect “business as usual” when it comes to the integrity of the products and services we provide.

As active participants in the communities in which they operate, Vendasta is committed to supporting their local communities in much the same way MatchCraft does through our “MatchCraft Gives Back” initiatives.


So, I’d like to take a moment to recognize the MatchCraft team for their hard work that has brought MatchCraft to this moment. Our AdVantage platform supports tens of thousands of local businesses with digital advertising solutions throughout the world. We have grown tremendously in the seven years since being acquired by Advance Local, having doubled our revenues and expanded our products and services. None of which would have been possible without the dedication of our employees and the trust of our partners. Personally, it is a privilege to continue to work with and learn from the talented MatchCrafters.

I am confident this new season with Vendasta, will bring lots of episodes to celebrate.   We will collaborate and learn more as this unfolds. I can promise you  — we will be moving fast.  Thank you to all of our friends from Advance Local for taking such good care of us. And a special thank you to our new Vendasta family for the warm and wonderful new home.  It’s truly a Match(Craft) made in heaven.


#Starstruck #PinchMe


To learn more about the exciting news, read through the press release.


All the Best!
Sandy Lohr
Chief Executive Officer