AdTech: Friday Roundup 08-21

Aug 21, 2015 | Industry Updates

Google continues to innovate as they add a full suite of bidding options to the Google Shopping unit, these additions are said to help further optimize for ROAS.

Other news includes the changes in the way the search engine displays packs of listings, knocking the number down from seven to three, this poses questions regarding the strategy behind this decision and some wonder if this is an attempt to limit consumption. Further, as of yesterday, Google has introduced new automated ad extensions for shopping ads (PLAs).

In the world of social, industry experts are finding new ways to drive conversions through the use of the Twitter “Buy” button. In the other corner of the ring, Facebook is changing up the way it calculates CPC to an approach that veers away from growing your fan page likes to one that is conversion focused. Additionally, below you will find some industry insight on the ever-growing mobile advertising market, some tips that will help optimize your approach to social and some martech expectations for the coming weeks.

Google Introduces Automated Extensions for Shopping Ads (PLAs)

In attempt to make information even more readily available, as well as a streamlined process of campaign creation, They are using existing information provided in the Merchant Center settings and data feed to automatically show important information for the customer.

Google Shopping adds full suite of bidding options 

Google has added a slew of bells and whistles to campaign management in AdWords These new targeting options include maximizing clicks, leveraging Enhanced CPC and optimizing for ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

Local SEO: How Google Has Been Shaking Things Up

The 7 packs that we are so used to have been replaced by 3 packs, is this a strategic decision by Google? Or are they just trying to limit our consumption?

Optimizing Non-Branded Paid Search Campaigns

Maximize ROI and increase engagement with these tips for your non-branded search campaigns.

Despite Industry Chatter, Twitter’s ‘Buy’ Button Can Actually Lead to Immediate Sales Conversions

See how using Twitter’s buy button can drive sales and traffic to your website.

What Counts as a Link Click? Facebook Changing the Calculations for CPC

The new CPC will enable advertisers to be more specific about the types of ads they use and pay only for clicks that lead to their website if that’s the marketing objective they have in mind.

Global Mobile Ad Revenue Up 64%

For the first time ever, global mobile display ads top search for the first time ever reaching 31.9 Billion in 2014


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