AdTech: Friday Roundup 08-28

Aug 28, 2015 | Industry Updates

Mobile responsiveness is becoming a global norm since the increase in smartphone usage and Google’s announcement that a non-responsive site will result in a lower Quality Score; but, there are more elements to be incorporated to ensure a solid search position.

What should you be doing to make sure your mobile site ranks higher than your competition? Google has also begun testing video ads within search results, their aim is to provide a larger range of multimedia options for advertising. Further, last week we touched on Google’s change from their standard 7-pack for local search -to a 3-pack- ClickZ elaborates on this decision and stresses the importance of optimizing your local search strategy. Other search engine news includes Bing’s implementation of their “Notify Me When” function, which allows you to set alerts about the status of just about any metric.

In the world of social: ‘Influencer marketing’, quite possibly one of the biggest buzzwords surrounding the industry, has been put to the test as Emarketer composes a report on the viability of the practice amongst various verticals. Facebook has begun testing the use of GIFs within paid search advertisements, they are being selective in who will be given this feature, but hope that it will drive more engagement in a “fun, compelling way”. In other social news, Twitter is evolving their ad sets to support more creative and enhanced options as they enter the ‘mainstream’ advertising pool. Also, reports on YouTube and their provision of analytics, how marketers ‘feel’ about what they allow us to see, and how they match up to the competitive landscape. Find links to these articles and more below!



Google Tests Video Ads Within Search Results

Google is currently testing promoted video ads within search results to determine their ability to broaden its ad capabilities to include a wider spectrum of media options.

Google’s Update to their Local Map Pack Makes Local Strategy Imperative in Marketplace

Google’s recent modifications to the Local Map Pack has made optimizing listings an even greater priority, but why were these changes made? How will this impact your local strategy?

Bing Ads: “Notify Me When”

Bing is rolling out a new feature, now- notifications can be set at the campaign, ad group, ad and keyword levels to alert you about the status of just about any metric

Does Having a Mobile Responsive Site Ensure That It Will Show In Search?

There is more to mobile SEO than just having a responsive website, you need to go beyond the industry standards to ensure that the correct mobile site is being shown, and that it is ranked in the place your website should be.

YouTube Data, Analytics and Advertisements

Why are we just “somewhat satisfied” with the reports and analytics provided through this platform? Where are they in relation to their competitive atmosphere? And can YouTube remain the video giant it’s grown to be?

Reach, In Relation To Revenue…

It’s no news that a core driver of brand equity and influence is derived from influencer marketing, but which sectors benefit the most from this practice and what is the ROI associate with it?

Testing Testing.. Good Idea for Facebook to Allow Animated GIFs in Ads?

Facebook is being selective in who they are giving this capability to, it seems like between FB and IG there is a lot of ‘testing the water’ for viability in ad types, we will see where this one goes.

Facebook Updates Business Manager

Facebook has quietly released an update to it’s Business Manager for advertisers, enterprises and digital agencies managing multiple campaigns.

Twitter’s Audience Network is Evolving, Now Offering Creative Options and Enhanced Ads

Twitter is now said to have dipped their toes into the mainstream advertising pool with the update and new feature options within their Audience Network.

Political Campaigns and Digital Media Spend

Industry experts are expecting this coming election to be highly focused on online advertising. From Hillary’s Instagram to Trump’s Snapchat, billions will be spent on digital media.



A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Facebook Ad

There is a lot more depth to creating a targeted Facebook ad than what shows on the surface. Here is a helpful breakdown of what you should be looking at and what best practices to follow when building a Facebook ad.

99 Marketing Tools

As a marketer, it is easy to get caught up in a task, learning a new best practice or analyzing your marketing funnel, these are the top 99 marketing softwares and tools to help optimize performance and minimize opportunity cost.

9 Must Have Visual Marketing Tools on the Web

Visual marketing is a primary source for customer engagement in the modern age. Follow these 9 tips from Entrepreneur.