AdTech Friday Roundup 09-11

Sep 11, 2015 | Industry Updates

This week in AdTech: Google implements YouTube TrueView into the AdWords fold, now allowing campaign managers a central platform for search, display, shopping and video ads; this leads the way for a discussion into the huge opportunities that YouTube video ads present to digital advertisers.

In the opposite corner, Bing has been making moves as they beat Google Adwords at bringing out apps for both major operating systems. In general ad tech news, UK retail ecommerce has surpassed expectations for two years running, now projected to reach €60 billion in mobile commerce.

Further, there is a common “analysis paralysis” trend amongst digital marketers, in that measuring cross channel attribution for mobile has some missing links that make quantifying mobile marketing difficult when determining ROI. And why do more than 70% of SMBs prefer working with one marketing provider, but two in four work with between one and three?

In the world of social: In past round-ups we have mentioned influencer marketing, the value it can bring to a brand, and where you should look if you are trying to enter the influencer realm. Now we provide a useful roadmap that gives a step by step process of getting influencers to drive that value to your company, even if your clout isn’t up to par with the influencers you’d like to work with.

Of all the channels and social networks to pour money in, Facebook remains at the hegemon of the retailer marketing pyramid, this report shows how they match up to the rest of the field. And to all of you leaders in marketing that are still not convinced that social is an essential part of your funnel, read the 7 things that CMOs need to know about paid social.



Google Brings YouTube Campaigns into AdWords Fold

You can now manage video ads within the AdWords interface alongside search, display and shopping.

The Opportunity in YouTube Video Ads

YouTube TrueView ads allow for dirt cheap clicks, huge reach to multiple demographics, and a constantly growing market to explore.

Bing Ads App is Ahead of the Game

Bing has beat Google AdWords at bringing out apps for both major mobile operating systems

Would You Recommend Bing?

If you use Bing, you may see an alert at the top of your search results asking you to participate in a survey asking if you would refer friends and colleagues to Bing. Are they setting themselves up for failure with the survey structure?

UK Retail Ecommerce to Reach €60 Billion

For two years in a row, retail sales through mobile devices will surpass expectations.

Mobile Attribution Gap: Avoid Analysis Paralysis

A March 2015 study by Econsultancy in association with Adobe indicates that a large number of global marketers and agencies are stuck, with many not measuring the performance of their mobile marketing and media campaigns.

76% of SMBs Prefer Working with 1 Marketing Provider

According to a survey of over 700 SMBs, three in four of them would prefer to work with a single marketing provider or individual, but reality is about two in four work with 2-5 providers.

7 Things CMOs Need to Know About Paid Social 

With all the new ad types and emerging channels, do you know where your paid social dollars are going?

Facebook: A Retailer’s Favorite Social Channel

More and more money is being poured into social networks, it may be common knowledge that Facebook is the most prevalent, but by how much?

Looking Back at The Top 10 Paid Search Best Practices

Is it wise to follow the conventional wisdom on search advertising? Couldn’t be…

Bings Ads Sharing Halloween Data for Advertisers

Check out the projected search, CTR and CPC trends for the upcoming holiday.

Google Index Status Report Plagued With a Bug As They Adjust count Estimates

Bad timing: Google’s Index Status report had a bug that showed a drop in index counts around the same time Google updated their index estimation formula.



The 7 Deadly Sins of PPC

And how to fix them…

5 PPC Landing Page Ideas for Competitors Keywords

Bidding on the competition’s keywords is not simple, but if you have a eye catching and informative landing page, chances that a user will stay on the page increaseses, check out these tips.

The Influencer Guide for the Unfluential

It has become one of the most prevalent marketing tactics of the digital age; it allows for diverse and potentially viral growth, but how do you get into influencer marketing without influencers? Start here..