AdTech: Friday Roundup 09-18

Sep 18, 2015 | Industry Updates

This week in AdTech: We have seen Google’s new logo popping up around the web, and it will come as no surprise that they have begun implementing their incredible material design practices to the rest of their products and services.

In addition to the aesthetic changes, they have continued to make technical updates across the board; the DoubleClick bid manager is now complete with an ad injector filter, and from a statistical standpoint, AdWords will be changing the definition of a conversion. In other search engine news, Bing has officially rolled out their keyword planner in all of their US accounts, you can expect to see that in the coming weeks. There is also a piece that touches on Google’s decision to allow native advertising within Gmail, these will be displayed in the “promotions” tab within the Gmail interface.

In the world of social: Facebook’s custom audience pixel might be one of the missing links to your digital marketing strategy, see how aligning your website audience with your social following can improve ROI. Facebook’s power editor is not the prettiest platform, but if you know what you are doing, it is a powerful tool, check out these three effective audiences to start with when building a Facebook ad. Further, Instagram ads is the talk of the town, and rightfully so- since opening IG ads worldwide they have begun rolling out new, eye catching ad types, and businesses are buying in. From a more general standpoint, have you considered the impact (or lack thereof) that social media is having on your SEO? This article breaks down how what you need to know and what channels help optimize your social strategy. And as always, in our ‘Learn Something’ section we have compiled some useful resources from the world of digital advertising to help keep you thinking as this exponentially growing space continues to evolve.



Google Touches up AdSense App

Since Google put a huge emphasis on material design spending millions on their design guide, they have begun implementing such practices into their products and services.

Growth Leading to Changes in SEM

With the exponential growth of technology, trends and best practices change rapidly as well- see how SEM is changing.

Customers Need to be Apart of the Advertising Conversation

As digital advertising evolves to reach consumers on a whole new level, it’s more important than ever to engage with them and make them part of the conversation

This Week in Social Media

Instagram ads are now available to all businesses, Facebook updates the business pages to be more mobile friendly, Periscope now supports landscape broadcasting and more!

Social Media and SEO

How does -or, does- social media affect your SEO strategy, if so what channels are the best to optimize?

AdWords changing the Definition of Conversions

Next month, AdWords will be changing the “Conversions” columns & reporting to only include optimized conversion actions- so don’t be surprised when your conversion rate drops drastically.

A SMB Guide to Quality Score

Paid search is a great way to get the exposure that a small business is looking for, but it can be a daunting process if you are not aware of the best practices.

Google Implements Ad Injector Filter in DoubleClick Bid Manager

Ad injectors are often annoying and unwarranted, Google now has a filter for that.

Facebook: Website Custom Audience Pixel

What benefits to your remarketing strategy can be brought by using Facebook’s Custom Audience Pixel?

Last-Click Data Tells a Fraction of Mobile Attribution Story

Using last click data to measure mobile attribution.

14 Digital Marketing Metrics from This Week

From the abundance of social DMEXCO mentions, an ever growing global digital marketing budget and a bunch of eye opening statistics.

Bing Rolls Out Keyword Planner in All US Accounts

In addition to the keyword planner, the research tool offers bid and budget estimating.

Instagram Ads: Global Rollout, New Ad Types, Lots of Spend

A global expansion, 30-second ads, the self-serve Facebook ad platform and a handful of other Instagram upgrades will have media buyers and advertisers dancing with delight.



Native Advertising: How to Write Content That CONVERTS

Advertisers are now able to place ads within Gmail accounts, look for them in the “Promotions” label in your account.

Facebook Ad Beginners: 3 Effective Audiences to Start With

Looking to run some Facebook ads but you are overwhelmed with the targeting options? Start Here.

4 Ways to Drive Higher Conversion Rate in PPC

With Google changing the way that they define a conversion, make sure that you understand how it works now, and what to expect when the change is made.

10 PPC Blogs Every Marketer Should Read

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