AdTech: Friday Roundup 09-25

Sep 25, 2015 | Industry Updates

This week in AdTech: You guessed it, Google kicks off this week’s roundup by announcing an all new campaign type, the Universal App Campaign, an all in one platform comprising search, display and video exclusively for apps.

On the SEO side of things, we found an article explaining how right now is the best time to use your skills in reverse engineering rank factors to boost your sites position at the top of the page. If that’s not enough, our friends at Money Journal provide a comprehensive 74 step process for optimizing your visibility and getting the traffic you are looking for. In other news, an Emarketer report shows how search still remains at the hegemon of % of referral traffic over email, display and social. In addition, at the core of digital marketing, or any marketing effort for that matter, is data. When your company gets to the point where you can leverage that data for monetary gain, you need to be ready with an arsenal of tactics for consistent growth and sustainability.

In the world of social: At the most recent Techcrunch Conference, Facebook ad chief, Andrew Bosworth shares some insight on the state of Facebook advertising, what their plans are in the age of mobile, and more. Facebook also announced it’s newest feature to benefit journalists and content curators, it’s called Signal, a single location for marketers to find the content that they need. And get this, Instagram has now doubled its user base in the span of 18 months (it reached the 200 million mark in March of 2014) climbing to 400 million users. So you’ve got the trends and updates from the past few days, now it’s time to make your way down to our “Learn Something” section to check out the tips and resources that we made note of this week.


Industry News

Gaming Google in 2015

Gaming Google will never be any simpler than it is today. However, what is involved is much different than what was included in previous years.

Are Your Ads Showing Where You Think They Are?

Are They?

Google’s Universal App Campaign

AdWords is constantly being updated and improved upon, Google has just introduced a new feature that encompases all its advertising options in one, strictly for apps.

Keywords Can Still Drive Architecture and Content

The world of SEO has changed substantially throughout the years, but one aspect that has remained constant is the importance of keyword use throughout your website, stay on top of them to stay on the top of the first page.

Ad Blocking: The Unnecessary Internet Apocalypse

Disruption is not uncommon in this disruptive business. But we have to disrupt the disruptors — by identifying them as the profiteers they are, and by giving consumers the internet they deserve.

Signal for Facebook and Instagram

The newest, FREE discovery and curation tool for journalists and content curators.

Google Hotel Ads

Google announced a few more changes to Hotel Ads on Google: broader availability for the Google Hotel Ads Commission program, an expansion of the Book on Google feature to more partners, and the inclusion of more amenity information within Google search.

You Really Only Use These Three Apps on Your Phone

Considering the amount of time that we all spend on our mobile devices, there are only three apps that consume the majority of our time.

How to Save Online Advertising

The news that Apple was opening the iOS app-store to ad blockers for mobile devices created a storm in publishing circles, which meant that we heard a lot about them, because publishers publish things that are important to publishing.

Search Solidifies Domination of Referrals

On mobile and the desktop, in Europe and North America, search is No. 1—and gaining ground

Facebook’s Ad Chief Boz Announces “Click To Message A Business” Ads

At this week’s Techcrunch SF, Facebook Ad chief discusses Facebook for business.

Instagram Reaches 400 Million Users

Instagram has doubled its user base in the past 18 months.


Learn Something

SEO Checklist: 74 Step Process for Mammoth Rankings

Growth is a step function- if you are looking to grow your search rankings check out this step by step checklist to get you to the front of the page.

Why it’s Time to Rethink Your PPC Ad Extensions

As PPC professionals, we are constantly trying to keep up with the newest features in AdWords. While it’s tempting and sometimes easier to add things as they come about, at some point we have to take a step back and make sure everything is working together.

7 Tips for Measuring Your PPC Accounts

There are many metrics that are incorporated when measuring your PPC campaigns, here are a few you can focus on in order to optimize performance.

How to Effectively Use Big Data in Marketing

The benefits that big data can bring to your company are countless, if you are looking for inroads to explore, start with these five tips.