AdTech: Friday Roundup 10-02

Oct 2, 2015 | Industry Updates

This week in AdTech: Over a year ago Google launched it’s callout extensions, and this week they announced a dynamic version that will automatically pull information about the business and products into text ads.

Not only that, they have rolled out two new products in Customer Match and Universal App Campaigns. Google has also enhanced dynamic retargeting ads to adjust across devices, which should help streamline the setup process. Other industry developments include the rapid expansion of programmatic buying of display and video ads year after year. Next, how can you make sure that your native ads aren’t too native? Marketing Land sheds light on this notion highlighting the importance of transparency as well as keys to developing a successful native ad campaign.

In the word of social: Facebook has begun rolling out a plethora of new ad additions including: video carousels, brand awareness optimization and more. The social giant has also introduced a tool that allows advertisers to buy video ads using a ratings metric similar to one used for buying television commercials. Although Twitter has struggled lately to remain relevant they have rolled out a number of useful ad additions that a wide range of businesses are starting to utilize. They’ve ramped up e-commerce efforts with an announcement of integrations with major commerce platforms; Twitter is also testing out a Native Polling functionality that sports brands have begun to adopt. AND (I was personally thrilled to read this) Twitter has intentions on allowing your tweet to contain more than 140 characters! In other news, Pinterest CEO reports that their pinned ads have a lower than industry average opt-out rate. We have reported on the benefits that influencer marketing can bring to a brand, how you can acquire influencers to get behind your brand; and now we have a step by step process on how YOU can become an influencer in your own industry.



Google Adds Dynamic Callout Extensions In AdWords

Automatically pull information about the business and products into text ads.

Google’s Customer Match

Two new products: Customer Match and Universal App Campaigns, to help you be there and be relevant in those intent-rich moments that truly matter.

Google’s Pushback on Adblockers

Are ads necessary in order to keep publishers and content alive?

Twitter’s Native Polling

A simple tool that is being utilized by a number of professional sports organizations and brands.

Twitter Plans on Allowing Tweets with more than 140 Characters

It’s about time…

Facebook Ad Additions

A number of new enhancements to the Facebook advertising suite has been announced this week.

Facebook and Google, Two Giants in Digital Ads, Seek More

Facebook introduced a tool that allows advertisers to buy video ads using a ratings metric similar to one used for buying television commercials.

Are Pinterest Ads More Effective?

Pinterest CEO claims that their ads have a lower than industry average opt-out rate.

Twitter Rolling out Buy Now Buttons with Ecommerce Partners

It’s a buyers market for Twitter’s Buy Now buttons.

Programmatic Will Eat Half Of Display And Video Ad Budgets By 2019

Worldwide programmatic spend is expected to grow this year to 31% of banner display and video share (compared to 24% in 2014), and will increase to 50% by 2019.

Is There Such Thing As Too Native?

For consumers, when an ad blends smoothly into the flow of the content, it can create a less disruptive experience and drive deeper engagement.

Google Enhances Dynamic Remarketing Ads To Adjust Across Devices

Now, depending on the device you are being re-marketed on, ads will adjust all the way down to the color and shading of what you are looking at.

Mars Google Doodle

It’s a tongue twister, and an image that represents the future!

Google Analytics Changes to Hourly Default View for Behavior Data

A small change that will help analysis on hourly data in GA.

Kmart’s Holiday Advertisements In September?

What were they thinking? How did the masses react?



PPC Strategy Through Expansion and Reviews

It is about more than the numbers, you need to look into the competitive landscape as well as review insights based on historical analysis.

How do you Become an Influencer in your Industry?

A step by step process.

Are Multi-Channel Efforts Undermining your PPC Efforts?

Are you doing all that you can to make sure that your marketing channels are cooperating to create a cohesive message to represent your brand?

Defining and Optimizing your Quality Score

How to calculate, define and optimize your quality score.

What are the Most Valuable Technologies for Marketers?

You may be surprised…