AdTech Friday Roundup 10-16

Oct 16, 2015 | Industry Updates

In this week’s AdTech Roundup: In anticipation for the holiday season, Google has made a number of enhancements to PLAs and Shopping Campaigns– some of these changes include: a Shopping Assortment Report, “Store Only” products and the elimination of promotional text. Also, if you have a Wix built website you may have noticed the lack of love it has received from Google as a search engine.

Google is working on resolving this issue, you can either wait, or get rid of the Wix site, I suggest the latter. In other news, what are some of the anticipatory strategies you can implement into your paid search campaigns to capitalize on the upcoming buying season?

In the world of social: Facebook continues to improve upon their video ad structure as it is being redesigned to closely resemble the YouTube format, one of these functions include the ‘suggested videos’ function they have begun testing on smart phones.

In other news, Facebook is aiming to simplify the process of filling out forms on a mobile device- the new ad product is called “Lead Ads” and it has officially been rolled out for all advertisers. Next, Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads are a great way to reach existing and potential customers, enabling advertisers to automate retargeting across desktop and mobile with greater relevancy based on catalog or product feed data. And finally, Instagram ads- now that they are available to all companies and advertisers, what are some of the best practices associated with developing and running an Instagram ad.


Industry News

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Google Working on the Problem with Wix Sites in Search Results

If you have a Wix site, I feel bad for you- BUT Google is working on making your websites more relevant and visible in search results.

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Facebook Enhances Video with Multitasking, Suggested Vids, and More

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Google Maps Comes to Pinterest Via Integration With Place Pins

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Increased CTRs Just The Beginning For Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Real-world uses of Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads to share insight into how you can take advantage of this new product.

Shopping Assortment Report Gives New Insight Into Demand For Popular Products

With the launch of Google’s Shopping Assortment Report, it is an opportune time to roll out this report because retailers are increasingly interested in new opportunities to meet online customer demand, especially during the holiday season.

Facebook Simplifies Mobile Lead Collection, Rolls Out Lead Ads

Facebook makes filling out forms on mobile a two-tap process within new ad unit that is now available to all advertisers.

Google Shopping: three updates to be familiar with this holiday season

n anticipation of the peak holiday shopping season, Google has made several enhancements to Shopping Campaigns and Product Listing Ads (PLA) over the past few months to help streamline the experience.

How To Create Instagram Ads

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