AdTech: Friday Roundup 10-23

Oct 23, 2015 | Industry Updates

This week in AdTech: Hey everybody come see how good I look! In case you missed it, MatchCraft brought home some heavy metal this week after receiving multiple Industry Excellence Awards from SIINDA 2015.

But enough about us, is frugality a holiday trend this year? Why are consumers planning on spending less, but participating more this holiday season? There is a word on the virtual street that Google is updating their ranking algorithms, perhaps a new SEO strategy is in order… If you are a B2B company looking to drive more QUALIFIED traffic to your site, look into some of these simple tricks to hone in on your customer’s psychographics. Also, here are 5 steps to maximize your AdWords ROI, no roundup would be complete without them… And why does Adobe’s quarterly report suggest paid search has grown in the North American region, but CPC’s have been flat throughout Q3? In other news, Google has pulled Yahoo out of a hole of poor Q3 earnings by developing an agreement that provides Yahoo additional flexibility to choose among suppliers of search results and ads. And lastly, but certainly not least-ly, Merkle RKG released its digital marketing report for the third quarter this week. In all, paid search spend rose 19 percent in the US among its client set

In the world of social: Congratulations, we have officially made it back to the FUTURE! Check out some of the most creative and engaging “Back to The Future” social posts of the week. Ever since Facebook opened Instagram ads to all business types, it seems that everyone has been trying to test their viability in the space, but who is doing it right? We found a sample of companies that has figured it out… Next, Your Facebook newsfeed may seem to be plastered with advertisements, but the reality of it is that only 3% of your desktop news feed is ads, read the article here. And finally, what can your digital agency learn from the Amish?



Mobile Wins in Mexico

There will be 65.1 million internet users in Mexico—amounting to a 53.8% penetration of the population—in 2015.

Consumers Spooked This Halloween

They plan to spend less, but still want to participate.

Why Every Marketing Department needs a Data Scientist


Free AdWords Script That Pauses Your Duplicate Broad Keywords

Former Googler Daniel Gilbert shares a Brainlabs script that helps you avoid disaggregated data in your AdWords campaigns.

Is Google Updating Their Ranking Algorithms

All the signals are pointing to a significant Google update over the past week. Here is what we think is going on.

Shopping Campaign Click And Ad Spend Growth Far Outpaced Text Ads

PLA performance across search engines and throughout vertices.

20 Interesting SEM Stats From This Week

A round up within… A round up!?

How to Increase B2B SEO Traffic

Think search engine optimization doesn’t apply to B2B companies? Think again. Columnist Tom Demers discusses how.

AdStage Labs Launches With Cross-Network Scripts And IFTTT Solutions

AdStage users now have the ability to serve, pause or allocate money to a campaign based on If/Then functions.

Paid Search Growth Coming From North America, Though CPCs Were Flat In Q3

And why does Adobe’s quarterly report suggest paid search has grown in the North American region, but CPC’s have been flat throughout Q3

Google to The Rescue

See how Google saved Yahoo from their Q3 earnings miss…

Back to The Future Day

Some of the most creative and hilarious social posts from this historic day.



What Can Agencies Learn From the Amish

That’s right, the Amish…

Study: Ads are only 3% of Facebook Desktop News Feed Posts

Socialbakers examined News Feed content on desktop among 1,000 Facebook users, finding that 71 to 76 percent of the posts came from friends and 24 to 29 percent came from pages.

Which Brands are Doing Instagram Right?

Since IG ads was launched across the board, what companies are standing out from the crowd.

Writing the Perfect Cold Email

5 important elements to consider before hitting send.

5 Steps to Increase your AdWords ROI