AdTech: Friday Roundup 10-30

Oct 30, 2015 | Industry Updates

This week in AdTech: Happy 15th Birthday to Google AdWords! That’s right, for 15 years you have been clicking on ads served by Google, and oh how it has evolved, take a journey back in time and see what AdWords has become.

In today’s multi-device, exponentially growing technological climate, it is essential to understand where your conversions are coming from and what device your customers are using- Google has recognized that and has implemented cross-device conversions across search, display and shopping in Google Analytics. In general AdTech news, here is an industry report that shows 70% of advertisers increasing their PPC budget in 2015. Also, amid the buzz surrounding programmatic, Germany has begun to adopt and shift to the trending form of advertising, but will it stick?

In the World of Social: Twitter has announced a series of new features including the testing of in-app native video advertisements, a two option polling feature, and a new way to handle customer service. In other news, Facebook has made CRM integration available through the advertising API, so in a streamlined effort developers have begun to automate the integration between lead ad and CRM. Yet another interesting study, Facebook says that younger demographics, millennial moms and hispanics are driving the one third of all online shopping transactions generated on mobile devices. And now, Norway- is it possible that Snapchat is the second most popular social site in the country? In front for Instagram? Check out the report to find out.



Germany Shifting Budget to Programmatic

Amid all the buzz about programmatic advertising, it’s hard to know whether adoption is actually keeping pace with the hype.

Happy 15th Birthday to Google AdWords

Yep, you have been clicking on AdWords for over 15 years, see what’s next…

AdWords: Make Every Conversion Count

Cross device data now included in the Conversions column and integrated with automated bidding.

Industry Report: 70% of advertisers reported increases to their PPC budgets in 2015

We take a look under the hood of advertising’s fastest-growing industry and find out what makes it tick, year by year.

Twitter Testing In-App Native Ads

A group of new features that should appeal to a variety of marketers were announced at Twitter’s Flight developer conference.

PPC ads are still an effective tactic: Study

According to research from Hanapin Marketing, 78% of marketers report that pay-per-click campaign success in 2015 has been “really good” so far.

Facebook Says Nearly One Third of Online Shopping Transactions Are On Mobile Devices

Social network predicts mobile shopping to surge during the fourth quarter, driven by younger demographics, Hispanics and millennial moms

Report: For Every $3 Spent on Digital Ads, Fraud Takes $1

As digital spend continues to reach landmark highs — it hit $27.5 billion for the first half of 2015 – so does ad fraud, which is now estimated to cost the industry about $18.5 billion annually.

Shopping Remarketing Lists Can Increase Your CTR & CVR by 400%

Whether you’re new to managing shopping campaigns or you’ve been doing it forever, this new RLSA targeting option for shopping campaigns is sure to take your campaigns to new levels this holiday season!

Snapchat Second-Most Popular Social Site in Norway

Beating out Instagram…



This 1 Simple Thing Can Make Your Ads More Effective

Want to make your web advertising more effective? Then change direction — literally.

CRM: How to Sync your Facebook Lead Ad Contacts

Facebook has made CRM integration available through the advertising API. As a result, several smart developers are releasing products that help automate the integration between lead ad and CRM.

5 Digital Marketing Tips for Retailers This Christmas

It’s nearly ‘that time’ of year again. So what are the key things to consider if you’re still putting the final touches to your digital marketing strategy for the holiday shopping season?

AdWords: Best Practice Videos to Help you Reach More Shoppers

Manage your shopping campaign, get more products online and optimize your shopping campaigns.