AdTECH: Wednesday Roundup 08-12

Aug 12, 2015 | Industry Updates

Google is rolling out new features and functions within AdWords that are said to improve the process of campaign management.

Other news includes the roll out of search ads within the Google Play Store, what opportunities this presents, and how it will make developers lives easier from an analytical standpoint. On the flip side, Bing continues to serve their customers by announcing a new feature that is said to help better focus ad targeting initiatives.

In the world of social, Facebook remains on the forefront as Instagram begins to open up their advertising platform to the masses; Adweek speaks to this new implementation and how it may affect the notion of “Influencer Marketing” that has become so popular on Instagram. In other developments, Facebook has added three interstitial ad units to their Audience Network will help improve overall performance of ads, and to give users complete control over their experience. Further, they have been getting a lot of push back from advertisers and game developers in regards to decisions that would limit data on device specific metrics.

Google Rolls out Search Ads on Google Play:

The tech giant continues to innovate on new technologies in order to improve ease of use in campaign management and to improve analytics for developers.

New: Bing Ads Tool Launched to Help Better Focus Targeting:

The Bing Ads Marketplace Trends Interactive site was built on customer feedback based on “listening tours.” There were three common KPI trends that continuously surfaced; with a focus on CTR, CPC and volume by device type, all three KPIs are filterable by industry and sub-industry.

Advertisers and Game Developers Revolt, Facebook Obliges:

After making a decision to limit the data provided to advertisers about device specific metrics, Facebook gets a push back and reverses decision.

“Shop Now” “Sign Up” “Install Now”- Introducing Instagram Ads For the Masses:

As Instagram rolls out the newest implementation of their platform, marketers are scrambling to be the first movers… How will this affect the leverage of influencer marketing that is so prevalent within the platform today?

AdWords is Doing a Soft Launch of the Drag and Drop Report Editor:

Announced over a year ago, Google is slowly implementing the new Report Editor that looks to improve overall functionality and ease of setting up a campaign, demo gif provided in article.

Facebook Autoplay Video Ads Entering the Audience Network

The social giant announced this week that it’s giving advertisers that are using the mobile ad network the ability to integrate autoplay ads within native advertising units.

What is Alphabet?

Google Announced some alterations in it’s corporate structure, find out why knowing the Alphabet may help you understand what Google is doing.


Learn Something!

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Three Remarketing Lists to Improve Your Campaigns 

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