Benefits of Paid Search Marketing Automation

Apr 26, 2017 | Industry Updates

Of course, you know that paid search marketing is a worthy investment. But how can you effectively scale your paid search marketing efforts so that you can do it more efficiently, regain hours in your day and focus on other priorities too?

The answer lies in automation.


1. Automation allows for a personalized experience

This marketing writer nailed it when he described the beauty of automation as it relates to the customer experience:

“Because this is what really lies at the heart of marketing automation – the ability to personalise. And I’m not just talking about personalising email content. I’m talking about personalising entire journeys, down to which channel is used, when, to push what message and for which individual.”


2. Leverage boatloads of data

Automation rides on the coattails of data. As any marketer knows, data is where it’s at, and it serves as the critical core to any type of campaign.

Automation gives you the control to put it all to good use, in a highly scalable way.

From first-party data (data that you collect and own), to second-party data (data that you own but you may share with another company or business partner) and third-party data (data that is collected elsewhere, but that you may use; for example, you may purchase data), automation allows you to combine this rich information with user behavior.

The best part? The data feeds into even more data and learnings. It’s a constant cycle that can drive your PPC strategy to new heights. Learning the interests, likes, dislikes, geographical location and gender of customers can help determine keyword buying and ad messaging strategies.

Using programmatic data to inform your overall paid search strategy can provide a competitive advantage and improve results.


3. Optimize your staff (not just your ads)

Automation doesn’t just apply to AdWords and other paid channels. It also serves to enhance the entire functionality of your team. Here, it doesn’t have to substitute the labor of your team, but complements it.

One marketing agency uses automation to: “Build unique campaigns for more than 20,000 restaurants within the UK, Dubai and Singapore. Automated location targeting was the only way to create ads that could link to a relevant local restaurant… Machine learning enabled us to fill in the gaps of another client’s data, to improve targeting based on location, device and time of the day.”


4. Give your revenue a major boost

Paid search automation can deliver a solid kick in the pants to your bottom line.

For example, ModCloth, an online clothing retailer, leveraged paid search as a pillar in its marketing strategy. However, the process was so manual that it was detrimental to long-term growth.

Their solution: invest in automated paid search technology, allowing ModCloth to dramatically expand its targeted keywords. The campaign growth and improvements in the entire process bumped up ModCloth’s revenue an astounding 22%, just from paid search alone!


5. Focus your efforts on strategy, not execution

Your clients turn to you for strategy—so give it to them! With the help of automation, that is.

In fact, “getting rid of as much heavy lifting as possible — in this case, by handing it off to an automated process — will free up your time for the all-important strategizing that a machine can’t do.”

From reporting to ad copy creation, the opportunities for automation are out there. Automation paves the way for you to streamline your workflow to increase your customers’ success.


The future of paid search is automation.

As one marketing columnist recently stated,

“The future of paid search marketing superiority will be determined by the amount of information used to model decision-making scenarios and the ability to purchase and adjust bids in real time in an entirely programmatic way.”

No digital marketing tool is effective in the long-term unless it offers automation to help you scale. This is the heart of reaching large audiences, and the real key for advertisers looking to do more with limited resources.

That’s why MatchCraft’s AdVantage tool gives companies the ability to manage thousands (yes, thousands!) of campaigns from one platform. Sophisticated bid algorithms, seamless Google Analytics integration and a simple provisioning tool make it possible.

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