Sep 28, 2015 | Industry Updates

The Denver, CO BIA/Kelsey kicks off this week and will run until September 30th. “This conference will deliver exclusive marketing intel, trends and research that are completely unique (and critical) for business serving SMBs. [It] will also share experiences of very smart companies that have had extraordinary success with SMBs.”


What we look forward to sharing and collaborating on:

  • Crafting winning strategies to sell and profit from SMBs
  • Understanding the growing impact big data is having on the marketing opportunities for SMBs.
  • Accelerating mobile, social and video advertising to drive innovation and sales
  • Improving sales performance by learning from best practices.

MatchCraft is a sponsor of this event, we are proud to be contributing to the overall experience of BIA/Kelsey and educating attendees on our SEM solutions that’s trusted by some of the world’s largest publishers and SMBs. Make sure to stop at our booth to set up a free demo of our Advantage platform and get a look at how we can improve your digital presence and maximize ROI.

Visit the BIA/Kelsey SMB conference website for the schedule, expectations, past conferences and more information on future happenings to provide ideas for serving small businesses. Looking forward to see everyone there!