Holiday 2021 Market Factors & Strategies for Success

Nov 16, 2021 | Industry Updates

Now that you know what consumer trends are driving holiday sales, preparing your campaigns for the busy weeks ahead is probably on your to-do list. Check out what eMarketer’s Insider Intelligence Report has to say about what challenges to expect and how to strategize for success this holiday season!

All statistics and trends were found in eMarketer’s US Holiday Shopping 2021 Report.


Factors Affecting this Holiday Season

The biggest factors affecting sales this season include the bolstering of the consumer economy including low employment rates, a hot stock market, and government stimulus. This economic strength comes despite the Delta Variant’s arrival as more than 70% of adults have completed one of two COVID vaccinations.

Though there is a concern for breakthrough cases, especially with the variant, people are itching to return to holiday shopping traditions. Transmission concerns will still drive online sales as people start becoming comfortable with old shopping habits.

With a big sales boom, product availability is causing struggles for retailers. Though many consumers are ordering earlier, lack of supply is still expected to eat into profits this season. Overall, sales growth will be stable.

Marketing Strategies for a Happy Holiday Season 

  • To maximize profits this season, maximizing early sales is key! Fine-tuning keywords, content, and creative within campaigns will help ensure your advertisers maximize early sales opportunities.
    • Pay special attention to top-selling products and services – establishing effective search early will help later in the season!
  • Social ads drive holiday awareness and performance.
    • Don’t make dramatic changes to ad spend on social campaigns. Focus on smart changes in ad spend just before and during The Cyber Five – this is when ROAs and sales volume peak!


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