Managing Campaigns During a Global Pandemic

Mar 23, 2020 | Industry Updates

In light of the unprecedented global health crisis, we know our partners are challenged with responding to the needs of their advertisers. In an effort to provide some guidance around how to manage and optimize campaigns, we developed the following “Things to Consider”.


Campaign Considerations:

  • If a business is not open at all and the advertising needs to stop temporarily;
    • Pausing the campaign will allow the budget to roll over into subsequent cycles and will preserve the current call tracking number. In this case, the advertiser will still be billed for the call tracking number while the campaign is paused, but the number will remain provisioned for use when the campaign is restarted in the future.
    • Canceling or deleting the campaign is a more permanent solution and will cause the call tracking number to be deleted. If the campaign is restarted at a later date, a new call tracking number will be provisioned.
  • If a business is open but is operating under modified circumstances;
    • Adjust ad copy to call out specific adjustments such as drive-through, carry out and delivery services for restaurants.
    • Revise call outs to include specific and/or, timely services such as the inclusion of “disinfecting and sanitizing” for a cleaning service.See additional suggestions below.
  • Update the advertiser’s Google My Business profile to reflect current hours of operation and service/product offerings.
  • MatchCraft has built out additional taxonomy categories that may be of interest to advertisers including: Grocery Delivery Services, Video Conferencing, Mobile Tax Services, Pharmacy Delivery and Wine Delivery.


Advertiser Considerations:

  • Keep campaigns running whenever possible. Adjust the categories, keywords, ad copy and extensions to reflect the services and product most relevant to the needs of today.
  • User demand will dictate how and when the budget is spent. The benefit of CPC advertising is that if no one is actively searching for and clicking on ads, the advertiser is not charged. However, if there is interest, and the business can support it, the advertisement will be there when needed.
  • Rather than cancelling a campaign, consider either reducing the current cycle’s budget or redistributing this month’s budget to future budget cycles


Ad Copy & Keyword Considerations:

Our client engagement team has been working diligently to provide guidance to our partners on ways to optimize existing keywords and ad copy to best meet the needs of the current environment. To further help our partners, our Taxonomy team has built out more than 200 new categories to meet the emerging consumer and business needs.

We’ve also compiled some resources we found helpful in navigating remote work and the changing trends in the local media space:

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