MatchCraft Offers Google ETA with Ad Content Library Support

Oct 19, 2016 | Industry Updates

MatchCraft, a proprietary digital marketing platform for local businesses, has brought Google Expanded Text Ads (ETAs), with supporting ad content, to its client base. MatchCraft has gone beyond the scope of AdWords by providing clients with robust keyword and ad copy libraries.

MatchCraft’s meticulous ad content library allows partners to rapidly scale
MatchCraft has enabled clients to swiftly transition to the new longer ad format by providing advertisers with ETA-friendly ad content libraries in 13 languages, spanning across 31 countries. This ad content is the foundation of quality taxonomy, which is critical for success in the world of search marketing.

It allows publishers to run ad campaigns that match the right search queries from the right audience, in an easily scalable fashion. This means MatchCraft partners can launch hundreds, or even thousands, of merchant campaigns—fast, and advertisers can expect an improved campaign performance.

To achieve spot-on taxonomy and to guarantee quality and local relevancy, MatchCraft creates its unique and proprietary library by working exclusively with local, native speakers from each country.

“MatchCraft is deeply committed to both Google and our advertising partners,” said Sandy Lohr, CEO of MatchCraft. “We’re excited to offer the next generation of ads – expanded text ads, to our clients and enable them to continue to succeed in the competitive world of digital marketing.”

MatchCraft is ready to deploy ETA functionality for Bing as well, including precise ad content, for all client programs, as soon as Bing launches the new ad format.

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