MatchCraft Offers Google Expanded Text Ads with Ad Content Library Support

Oct 19, 2016 | Industry Updates

We are thrilled to announce exciting news for clients who are looking to hit the ground running and rapidly utilize Expanded Text Ads (ETAs). MatchCraft’s AdVantage™ tool has launched Google ETAs, with the full support of our robust ad content libraries.

Google’s recent announcement regarding its new Expanded Text Ads  set the digital marketing world abuzz with discussion of how the change would impact campaigns. Google is set to end the standard shorter ads by early next year. Now, marketers are shifting their focus to strategizing, creating and optimizing Expanded Text Ads to fit the new longer ad format.

We’re here to help.


What do ad content libraries mean for ETAs?

Expanded Text Ads have given advertisers an opportunity to showcase longer, stronger headlines and more compelling copy. To truly get value from the longer ad format, it’s crucial to create thoughtful content and test. MatchCraft makes this process easier than ever.

If you’re not familiar with taxonomy, we explain it in detail here. Taxonomy is the critical foundation to making ad content that converts. MatchCraft’s proprietary in-house taxonomy team works to associate the right search query with the right local merchants. Our exclusive content library allows you to effortlessly scale this process, tens, hundreds or thousands of times.


MatchCraft is serious about creating ad content that works

To ensure that the ad copy captures the linguistic nuances of an advertiser’s target audience, MatchCraft works with native speakers in 13 languages, from 31 countries and creates a precise taxonomy. Advertisers can be confident about their ads being authentic and relevant to communities around the world.

“One of our values is moving fast as a team to deliver an exceptional product to our partners,” said Sandy Lohr, CEO of MatchCraft. “Expanded Text Ads are a prime example of that. We leveraged our long-standing relationship with Google and our top notch product team to get ahead of the game and, put the latest and best tools in the hands of our clients.”

We’ll be doing it all over again when Bing launches its Expanded Text Ads! Stay tuned.

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