Part One: Calling Customers to Action

Oct 27, 2021 | Industry Updates

In a world returning from quarantine and work-from-home routines, consumers are busier than ever. Time spent on social media and online shopping still offers convenient ways to find new products and services instantly. Google Ads curated a guide to enhance your ad content, just in time for the holidays. Here are some things you can do to ramp up your advertising game this season.

All of the following statistics are taken from the Think Google guide linked below.

Method #1: Calling Customers to Action

Do you ever scroll through your Instagram feed and see a “Shop Now” icon? Do sales on trendy fall shoes fill your search history? Do small business promotions populate your Facebook timeline? There is a reason that these approaches have captured your attention online.

  • Familiar names, promotions, free shipping, a variety of products, and great pricing are just a few of the things that catch our eyes as we shop. If something pulls you in, it could also attract the customers your local business advertisers are trying to reach!
    • Feature brand names, promotional deals, services, or other details in headlines and descriptions. Remember – if you want to generate clicks, some part of your advertisement has to make people feel like they aren’t wasting their time.


  • Looking for a last-minute Halloween costume, Christmas gift, or weekend thrill means we can’t waste time! Show customers what your advertisers have to offer!
    • Headlines that include offers perform up to 38 percent better for their campaign goals than headlines that don’t, and descriptions including offers perform 27 percent better.


  • It’s all about what your advertisers can give customers. Is their boutique having a Halloween sale on costume jewelry? Is their restaurant offering Thanksgiving meals to those in need? Showcase what makes their businesses unique.
    • Personalized headlines perform 1.3 times as well for their campaign goal as generalized headlines – connecting with customers is that easy.


For more tips on how to make your advertising more effective with MatchCraft, look out for the next part of this miniseries titled “Maximize Connections.”

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